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Please contact us if you have a firearm, or a collection of firearms you wish to consign, trade in or sell. Firearms consignment is one of our specialties as we have consigned and sold thousands of firearms. Your firearm will be listed on many sites under the Griffin & Howe name an displayed in our showroom allowing you the absolute most exposure. Firearms may be brought in or shipped directly to our  Showroom in Andover, NJ, whichever might be easier for you. If you do ship, please include contact information in your package, or send an email to with your package(s) details so we can acknowledge receipt of your firearm by email. Once we receive your firearm(s), we will inspect and appraise them for condition and their resale value. You will be notified regarding the value of your firearm if we sell it on your behalf, what we will trade it in for or pay to purchase it from you, if appropriate.




Consignment Agreement


May 25, 2017Birth Haven Charity Shoot

Jun 06, 2017NJVVMF Charity Shoot

Jun 13, 2017Morris County Economic Development Corporation Charity Shoot

Jun 15, 2017North Central Kiwanis Club Sporting Clay Fundraiser

Jun 22, 2017Annual Andrew H. Campbell Memorial Sporting Clays Tournament