Shoot for the Cure - May 2005 - Hudson Farm

Start off the day with a ...

Each event begins with a firing of the 1/2 scale Napoleon cannon

BANG !!!

This certainly gets everyone‘s attention.

On the porch at Hudson Farm

The early arrivals find a relaxing moment on the porch at Hudson Farm.

Welcome to the participants

The Hudson Farm welcomes the participants for the day‘s events and reminds all of the need for safety.

Meeting at the Shooting School

Eager participants meet at the shooting school to set off for the morning adventure.

A Beautiful Day

A pair of the participants are more than willing to pose on their way to the course.

Extending the Welcome Mat

The welcome mat is out as the shooters, both new and experienced, are introduced to the Hudson Farm staff.

Three pleased ladies

At the end of shoot the attendees are treated to a fine lunch over which they discuss the excitement of the day‘s activities.


The luncheon gives the shooters an opportunity to relax and review the experiences of the day.


A bit of coffee and conversation over dessert.

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