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Our curriculum consists of, but are not limited to:

  • Safari Preparation
  • North American Big Game Preparation
  • Long Range Varmint Preparation
  • Long Range Tactical Courses

The school is fully equipped with a wide range of bolt action rifles and optics. Clients may also bring their own rifles for sighting or hunting preparation.  Cartridges may be purchased at the Shooting School under NJ ammo ammunition purchasing laws.

Meals may be provided during the course of the day between classes.


Shooting School Info

The Griffin & Howe Rifle Marksmanship School

Conceived in 2013, The Griffin & Howe Rifle Marksmanship School set out to educate and improve the basic rifle shooting and real world hunting skills for men, women and youths – Augmenting the existing Griffin & Howe Shooting School which has been teaching and honing shotgun shooting skills for the whole family since 1935.

The rifle school operates on a 900 yard range (the longest in NJ) and includes Oakwood Control electronic targets for sighting in, realistic animal size targets, both stationary and moving, in addition to metal reactive targets.

The shoot house is designed with sound acoustic walls and ceilings, a fully heated classroom, shooting benches for both left and right handed shots, imitation rocks to simulate shooting from difficult positions, in addition to open stalls for shooting prone and with the use of shooting sticks.

Our marksmanship school offers individual and corporate rifle shooting lessons which can accommodate up to 4 shooters. The lessons available range from 2-hour, 4-hour, full-day Basic or Advanced Courses and Double Rifle with running boar and charging Cape buffalo target presentations.

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