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Received the gun Tuesday.  The packaging of the gun was great.  I like the gun very much, great condition as advertised.
I was able to put some shots on paper yesterday, I think it will work for me. Possibly could use a little more cast off.  Some day I would like to come out for a fitting, thats another item on my bucket  list. I did have lessons once from Jack Mitchell and he recommended stock dimensions, but we did not use try gun or patterning plate.
Again, thanks for a trouble free buying experience.

RE: My double rifle

Paul – you have certainly participated in a once in a lifetime experience

already.  I have dreamed of owning a double rifle ever since I started

hunting and have watched the movies and DVD’s in which they are prominent

more times than I can count (just finished “The Ghost and the Darkness” for

about the tenth time and can vividly remember Robert Redford shooting the

charging lion in “Out of Africa” with his Rigby double – a startling scene

but one that really got me going on a lion hunt, those many years ago).

I have a life sized lion target and you can bet it will have some holes in

it before I get to Africa.  Thanks again.


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