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The family of William & Son have had a passion for all things beautiful and an understanding of the pleasure derived from owning an exquisite, bespoke object since 1781.

For generations (234 years), this family has been famous for producing some of the finest work available by seeking out and utilizing the best artisans within their individual disciplines.

These are truly the ultimate in bespoke pieces and William & Son ‘Best’ London guns are considered to be amongst the very finest.

When considering a “brand name”, consider that this “family brand”, is older and carries with it more prestige than most any other London luxury goods maker!

While their craftsmanship and excellence in this field is second to none, William & Son prices are significantly more competitive than many of the “Best” London gunmakers.

A William & Son shotgun or rifle is an unparalleled combination of quality craftsmanship allied to British artistry. Requiring over 1,200 hours of dedicated skill, honed by several lifetimes of training, every gun is unique to its owner.

Employing specialist barrel makers, actioners and engravers, renowned throughout the gun making industry, each exquisite piece comes alive with love, care and attention to detail.

From the richly grained, carved walnut stock to the breathtakingly etched metal work and smoothness of the action, a William & Son gun is light, agile and a stunning testament to their collective dedication to the craft and to the sport.

Indeed, William & Son goes one better: it considers the whole experience that investing in a handcrafted shotgun entails and then matches the customers commitment to an age old sport with an unprecedented dedication to service.

By contracting individual artisans, William & Son is able to command only those actioners, barrel makers, stockers, finishers and engravers who will give of their very best to each individual project, otherwise those same artisans run the risk of not being invited to participate in future unique gunmaking projects.

In this fragile trade of ours, Griffin & Howe believe it is part of our responsibility to give extraordinary tradesmen and tradeswomen the opportunity to flourish if the bespoke gun trade is to flourish for future generations. With this in mind, we have been proud to have represented and partnered with William & Son in the United States for the last sixteen years.

One thousand two hundred and twenty hours in the making over an 18 to 24 month period to craft, but decades to learn how.. a William & Son fully bespoke shotgun or rifle is a thing of unique beauty, perfectly balanced and finely tuned.

Wm. & Son Barrel Maker              150 hours and 40 years of experience

Wm. & Son Actioner                      400 hours and 41 years of experience

Wm. & Son Stocker                        100 hours and 25 years of experience

Wm. & Son Engraver                     220 hours and 40 years of experience

Wm. & Son Finisher                       350 hours and 40 years of experience

Wm. & Son Resident Gunsmith   44 years of experience

The definitive, sporting shotgun, and a William & Son signature, the classic Side-By-Side is often regarded as the most aesthetically pleasing of all models.

Also considered by many of the world’s best shots to offer the ideal combination of handling, balance and weight, typically being lighter than other models.

Combining a self-opening mechanism for rapid reloading and designed for comfort, whether aimed or broken across the arm, this is arguably the most effective shotgun for fast-driven game birds.



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