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Youth Shooting Program

“Shooting & Hunting has a future, because I have children. It is the time that we bond, grow and have fun together” The Tri-State Youth Safety & Shooting Education Foundation is offering the Youth Shooting Program to local students Grades 6-12, who would like the opportunity to shoot clay targets with the Griffin & Howe Shooting School at Hudson Farm Club. This program has been partially funded by donations made to the “Tri-State Youth Safety & Shooting Education Foundation”, which is a 501c3 non-profit organization.

They are young, and not yet ready to shoulder the responsibility of a sportsman and sportswomen. Although, when that day comes, I’ll hand down to them what my father handed down to me. They will then have the knowledge of safety, proper mounting and shooting technique.

Just as my children inherited my blonde hair and blue eyes, they’ll inherit my ability to safely harvest their own game. Just as I passed down to them my quiet nature and sense of humor, I’ll give them the gift of being able to distinguish a buck’s track from that of a doe.

With my children every expedition will be a legacy, every hunt a heritage, my children will build upon their birthright season by season, becoming the sportsman and sportswomen they was born to be.

Have them experience the Youth Shooting Program at the Griffin & Howe Shotgun and Rifle Marksmanship School

Details for 2017 Program are coming soon!

“The most valuable thing that I learned in the scholastic program is respect for firearms, safety is #1!”
-Brad Goens

Grace Callahan:

Grace received her first shotgun at the age of ten and began hunting in the fields with her dad. Shortly thereafter, she discovered the wonders of sporting clays. In 7th grade, she joined Youth Shooting Program with the Tri-State Shooters Team where she began training with The Griffin & Howe Shooting School. Grace continued competing throughout high school and garnered many team and individual National awards. Now a Rowan University Junior, she trains frequently while at school with Coach Joe Scull of Cedar Creek Sporting Clays, Millville, NJ. When home from school Grace is an NSCA Level I Shooting Instructor at the Griffin & Howe School.

“While enrolled in the SCTP program I learned many things that helped me both physically and mentally, on and off the course. On the course, I learned how to be a good sport and support the people around me. Besides the importance of personal commitment, team support and encouragement, I’ve learned the seriousness of safety and the art of technique. I’ve learned that there are dedicated coaches that truly wish us to not only succeed, but to excel beyond all expectations.

In addition, I was also taught that discipline, dedication, and diligence are very important aspects to shooting and every day life. As a result of the program I have developed many long term friendships, and for that I am forever grateful. If it were not for the SCTP program at the Hudson Farm I do not think I could possibly be where I am today, a member of the 2016 PSCA Pro Tour.”


May 25, 2017Birth Haven Charity Shoot

Jun 06, 2017NJVVMF Charity Shoot

Jun 13, 2017Morris County Economic Development Corporation Charity Shoot

Jun 15, 2017North Central Kiwanis Club Sporting Clay Fundraiser

Jun 22, 2017Annual Andrew H. Campbell Memorial Sporting Clays Tournament