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Request the assistance of Griffin & Howe when considering acquiring your new Boss & Co.

G&H currently has twenty new Boss shotguns on the order books of Boss & Co. A record number in Boss & Co’s company’s history and a record number in G&H’s company history. Over the next few years these will be delivered by G&H, into the hands of their new custodians.
Those gentlemen who felt they were deserving of enjoying and appreciating such unique technical marvels and beautiful objects of desire.
We invite you to join them.

Since 1927, Griffin & Howe has been assisting American clients with the acquisition of their Boss & Co. shotguns, bolt action rifles and double rifles.

Why utilize the free consultation services of Griffin & Howe? There is no surcharge for this service.

Griffin & Howe manages every detail of the process from custom gun fit to choice of best exhibition grade walnut to selection of engraver, presenting you with the choices to best suit your requirements and taste. We will place before you every option available that you may or may not wish to select when creating arguably the finest sporting shotgun you will ever acquire.

By selecting Griffin & Howe to manage this time consuming process allows your time to be utilized to its best advantage. We manage the detailed specifications, the order process, and continued follow up of progress throughout the build process, the importation and finally and most importantly our expert eye during the final inspection for quality and correctness upon the arrival of your Boss & Co. in the USA, prior to delivery to you.

It may be of interest to note that although the smallest of London’s ‘Holy Trinity’ in terms of production, Boss & Co. gives nothing away by way of intrinsic quality of craftsmanship or its legacy in gunmaking history.

In operation continuously since 1812, Boss is perhaps best known for its transcendent over/under of 1909 — a design that not only underpins the mechanical principles of most all the world’s great over/unders, but also still sets aesthetic standards yet to be bettered. That is merely the top layer of the cake: Boss’s single trigger, ejectors, lock design, and aesthetics remain in use not only with the company, but have also been widely imitated, or remain influential with other gunmakers.

Both over and under and side by side shotguns are made to the exacting standards and quality that have been expected since its inception, utilizing all that is great about Boss & Co. designs.

Company founder Thomas Boss apprenticed to his Gunmaker father, William Boss, in 1804 — the latter at the time working for Joseph Manton (considered the “Godfather of Gunmakers”).

Success followed and after several relocations, Boss & Co. in 1839 relocated to 73 St. James Street, an address from which the firm confirmed its reputation as one of London’s premier makers. Thomas Boss died in 1857, with company reins managed by widow Emma and managing partner Stephen Grant (who, in 1867 went on to establish his own famous firm at 67a St James).

The firm may have ended up remembered as just one of a number of superb 19th Century London gunmakers had it not been for the arrival in 1891 of a new owner, one Scottish-born craftsman by the name of John Robertson, who was to prove to be a gunmaking genius. Robertson’s inventive talents cemented the reputation Boss enjoys today.

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