Griffin & Howe Gundog Training Series – #4: Puppy Training

Griffin & Howe Lead Trainer and Kennel Manager Ben Baker is an expert on training puppies! Young puppies add so much excitement and joy to each of our lives, but it’s also a vital time for them to learn behaviors that will shape their personality as they grow. Between 3-4 months of age, we focus […]

Tip of the Week – Shotgun #4: Basic Gun Fit

Our lead shotgun instructor Kevin Sterk talks about the four key dimensions for any shotgun fit; length of pull, the distance from the front of the comb to the tip of the nose, cast and comb height, and the correct pitch for sitting in the shoulder. Did you know we offer gun fit appointments at […]

Tip of the Week – Archery #3: Anchor Point

Griffin & Howe’s head of archery Tim Peschl talk about the importance of establishing your anchor points – the point on the face that is used as a reference to consistently aim and release the arrow accurately.