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The Griffin & Howe Custom Rifle, the benchmark for custom rifles since 1923

The style has changed very little since Seymour Griffin and James V. Howe joined forces to meet the needs of discriminating sportsmen and sportswomen. You can share the prestige of owning a Griffin & Howe Custom Rifle, made to your specifications in the caliber of your choice, from .22 Hornet up to the .416 Rigby, or even the crushing .505 Gibbs.

We build all our custom rifles in our state-of-the-art Gunsmithing facility. They still bear the legendary, iconic nomenclature that since 1923 has been the true marque of, Griffin & Howe, NY, NY. Preferred actions are the Springfield ’03, pre ’64 Winchester Model 70 and Square Bridge or Double Square Bridge Mauser 98.

The Classic Griffin & Howe French Walnut Stock with hand rubbed London Oil finish will give you years of pleasure and pride of ownership.

A Griffin & Howe quick detachable top mount or side mount and quarter rib with folding leaf sights complete the typical custom made rifle by Griffin & Howe. Special engraving and gold inlays are also available.

If you wish to move into the exclusive realm of a Griffin & Howe Custom Rifle, please allow approximately 12-18 months for us to handcraft the firearms of your dreams. The price for one of our aristocratic, handmade rifles starts at $18,000.00. Special features and larger calibers are available, for the sportsman or sportswoman who will settle for nothing but the ultimate.

Built to your specifications… One Grade Only – The Best

  • Your choice of action
  • G&H hand checkered bolt knob
  • Premium barrel, fitted and contoured G&H Style
  • Completely hand polished and acid blued
  • G&H Ramp Front Sight
  • Five Star European Walnut Stock blank
  • Your choice of scope
  • Classic G&H Sporter Style stock
  • G&H Quarter rib
  • Hand rubbed London Oil finish
  • G&H quick release trigger guard for Model 70
  • Checkering, 22LPI borderless point pattern
  • Three position safety and shroud assembly
  • Recoil bolt, fitted & engraved magnums
  • Silver or gold oval, fitted, & hand engraved with three initials
  • Custom bottom metal for Springfield & Mauser
  • Name, number & caliber with “Griffin & Howe, NY, NY” hand engraved on barrel

Griffin & Howe Ramp Front Sight
The Griffin & Howe ramp front sight is machined from solid stock and hand fitted to your barrel. When furnished with a gold or ivory bead and removable hood, this sight is esthetically pleasing and highly functional.
The Griffin & Howe Front Sight, available on an installed basis only: $995.00

Griffin & Howe Barrel Band
Our Barrel bands are individually handmade and fitted for those who prefer their sling attached to the barrel rather than the stock. In this way, the muzzle weight height over the head is lowered while the rifle is slung over the shoulder, making passage through heavier timber easier. Positioning the swivel on the barrel helps prevent pinching and bruising of the hand while firing heavy calibers.
The Griffin & Howe Barrel Band (includes the band, installation and rebluing of the barrel), available on an installed basis only: $450.00

Griffin & Howe Trigger Guard
Available for Winchester pre ’64 M/70’s only, this solid steel quick release trigger guard is patterned after the commercial Mauser. Ideal for use on custom rifles or as a replacement for the factory part.
The Griffin & Howe Quick Release Trigger Guard: $275.00

Griffin & Howe Quarter Rib
Custom built to your specifications, our express sight features a maximum of one standing bar and three folding leaves, regulated and marked for your desired ranges. Can be fitted with our Top Mount, see below.
The Griffin & Howe Quarter Rib Express Sight: $2,450.00

Griffin & Howe Detachable Scope Mount Systems
Griffin & Howe’s patented scope mounts have been favored by serious sportsmen since 1923. Available for most rifles, these quick detachable mounts, when installed by us, are guaranteed to return to zero.
The Griffin & Howe Top Mount (available on a custom installed basis only): $POR, 1″ and 30mm rings available

The Griffin & Howe Sidemount, shown without rings.
Standard Mount w/ 1″ Rings: $775.00
Standard Mount, 1″, installed: $1,145.00 (30mm rings available, +$50)
Garand Mount, 1″, installed: $1,052.50

Pairs of Rings Sold Separately
1″: $250.00
Garand: $250.00
High: $300.00
30mm: $300.00
X-High 30mm, custom fit: $POR

Griffin & Howe Recoil Pad
This traditional style recoil pad has been associated with the best quality guns for decades. As attractive as it is functional, its classic design effectively absorbs recoil. Our Gunsmiths will furnish and expertly fit the pad to your rifle or shotgun.
Traditional Griffin & Howe style pad: $35.00
Traditional Griffin & Howe style pad with installation: $225.00
Griffin & Howe English style pad, rounded and leather covered: $405.00
Griffin & Howe Purdey style pigskin covered pad: $590.00

For further details, please call us, or fill in the Contact-Gunsmithing form.
We look forward to receiving your esteemed instructions on your new Griffin & Howe Custom Rifle.



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