12/01/2023 8:30 am

NSCA Level 1 Instructor Course

NSCA Level 1 Instructor Course

270 Stanhope Sparta Rd, Andover, NJ 07821

Our Head Shooting Instructor Kevin Sterk is the only New Jersey-based level III NSCA instructor to offer the NSCA Level 1 instruction certification program, here at Griffin & Howe.

In the Level 1 course, our goal is to provide beginning instructors with the knowledge and ability to teach the fundamentals. They should be able to instruct a shooter on such basics as setting up foot and body position for proper balance, setting up hand and shotgun position to move with the target, how to use the eyes to acquire a target, understanding why a target was missed, and why all this is important. This course will prepare instructors to work with beginning shooters or anyone who needs to improve their fundamental skills.

Friday December 1st 2023 - Sunday December 3rd 2023

Registration is handled through the NSCA website:

Please call us at 973-398-2670 or email if you require overnight accommodations during the course (subject to availability).

Registration is open until
11/20/2023 8:30 am

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