09/14/2024 8:30 am

Reading Rifle Trace

Reading Rifle Trace

270 Stanhope Sparta Rd, Andover, NJ 07821

Saturday September 14th 2024

8.30am - 2pm

This class is designed to teach students how to see the vapor trail of bullet trajectory - known as trace - through a spotting scope. We’ll review a series of videos in the classroom to demonstrate examples of trace, explore different types of spotting scopes, and demonstrate the optimal setup procedures and positions for spotting scopes in order to effectively capture trace variations from different viewing locations.

From there we’ll take students out to the range and ensure your rifle is precisely zeroed before moving on to trace reading. Students will take turns engaging long-distance targets and observing bullet trace through spotting scopes, providing feedback in order to correct for shot placement.

This course is designed to bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical application, allowing you to sharpen your long-range accuracy by learning how to use spotting scopes to effectively analyze trace and correct inaccuracies in target engagement.


  • Bolt action or semi-automatic rifle of no less than .243 caliber with mounted rifle scope (Griffin & Howe rifles are available for rental upon request)
  • 60 rounds of match grade ammunition (purchased at the same time if possible)
  • Cleaning kit for your rifle (can be purchased in our Showroom)
  • Eye and ear protection (can be purchased in our Showroom)
  • Appropriate clothing for outdoor range and potential inclement weather

$425 per person (includes note taking gear and lunch.) 50% deposit to be collected on booking. Any cancellations must be made more than 48 hours in advance to receive full refund.

Common caliber ammo is available for purchase – please request when registering.

Dress code: no t-shirts, blue jeans or open-toed shoes please.

Registration is open until
09/14/2024 8:30 am

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