Tri State Youth Intro to Shotgun Half Day Program

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07/13/2024 9:00 am

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Title: Tri State Youth Intro to Shotgun Half Day Program

Saturday July 13th 2024

The Tri State Youth Safety and Shooting Education Foundation is offering four-week shotgun programs to grades 5 – 12, and has partnered with Griffin & Howe Shotgun Academy and the Hudson Farm Foundation to host the programs at their sporting clay facility at Hudson Farm. These classes are aimed at improving skills and educational performance among students in grades 5 – 12.

This half-day class runs from 1pm – 4pm and will introduce the fundamentals of shotgun shooting with a focus on safety. Students will start with a thorough briefing on safety handling and an introduction to the equipment, learn how to perform a proper gun mount with the correct foot position, body shape, form and stance, and will be introduced to the four fundamentals of shooting a moving target: break point, foot position, muzzle hold, and visual pick-up point. All equipment will be provided.

$230 per student. Please bring your payment by cash or check to the class.
When registering, please let us know in the notes the parent’s full name and child’s full name.