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Guest Instructor, World Champion John Shima

OCTOBER 22, 23 & 24! John will be joining the Shooting School

John has dedicated his life and career to helping champions hone their craft, teaching the basics to people who’ve never shot before, and everyone in
between. He puts shooters completely at ease and shows them how to engage their targets on a reflexive,
instinctual level, and tailors lessons to each shooter’s strengths and weaknesses.

Lessons will be available at $250 per hour
(ammunition and clays extra)

John Shima’s father was an avid sportsman and introduced John to the world of skeet when he was just eight years old. Growing up, he shot as often as he could, building skill on a foundation of pure talent. He competed in and won his first two World Championships as a member of Trinity University’s shooting team; he won three more World Championships after that. Over his more than twenty-five year career coaching skeet, he has trained dozens of champions and hundreds of new shooters.Whatever your skill level, John is your perfect guide.



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