Antique Weapon Restoration

Antique Weapon Restoration Services

Our passion for preserving history extends beyond just firearms. Griffin & Howe Master Gunsmith Fabrice Champagnac possesses the expertise to restore a diverse array of antique weaponry, ensuring their timeless allure endures for generations.

Fabrice’s historical knowledge and precision craftsmanship have given him an international reputation as a restoration expert, as well as his passion for preserving the integrity of classic weaponry.

Types of Antiques We Restore


From classic muskets to ornate dueling pistols, we specialize in breathing new life into these iconic pieces. Our restoration process includes attention to detail on intricate lock mechanisms, precision metal finishing and stock restoration.

Swords and Edged Weapons

Whether it’s a finely crafted rapier, a battle-worn saber, or a ceremonial dagger, we can perform everything from blade restoration to hilt and scabbard refurbishment, ensuring each piece is a testament to its historical significance.

Storage and Presentation Cases

We can revive presentation cases and storage boxes to complement your restored pieces, ensuring that the containers match the grandeur of the weapons they hold. Historical accuracy is maintained by matching materials as closely as possible to the originals, so that your presentation cases become works of art in themselves.


Antique tools can be restorted or reproduced to intricate historical accuracy, whether they’ve been damaged or worn over time or lost as part of a presentation case.

About Master Gunsmith Fabrice Champagnac

Fabrice joined the Griffin & Howe team in 2023, bringing a wealth of experience and a commitment to preserving the authenticity of firearms. A graduate of the Armory School of St Etienne, Fabrice has become a trusted name in the world of firearm restoration, with a keen eye for detail and a dedication to historical accuracy.

Additional Restoration Services

Antique Weaponry Restoration

Preserve the legacy of antique weaponry with our specialized restoration services. From Napoleonic masterpieces to World War Two relics, trust Griffin & Howe to bring history back to life.

Collection Appraisals

We provide comprehensive appraisals for antique weaponry collections. Whether you’re looking to assess the value of a single piece or an entire ensemble, our experts provide accurate and detailed evaluations for insurance, sales, or personal knowledge. Appraisals can be performed either here at Griffin & Howe or offsite within a 40-mile radius; contact us for details and pricing.

Museum Piece Restoration

From battlefield relics to ceremonial regalia, our team can bring museum artifacts back to life while preserving their historical significance.