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James Purdey & Sons has launched a new shotgun for the increasingly popular sport of Sporting Clays. The gun is based on the new award-winning Purdey Trigger Plate action, which was designed for
superior strength and durability, tested with over 150,000 cartridges fired over a four year period. For more information:


New J. Purdey & Sons Trigger Plate Sporting Clays Gun

Request the assistance of Griffin & Howe when considering the acquisition of your new Purdey


A representative from Purdey will be at Griffin and Howe on the following dates; please call for a personal consultation.

November, 22nd and 23rd

Since 1925, as James Purdey & Son’s Premier Representative and Agent for the United States of America, Griffin & Howe has been assisting American clients with the acquisition of their Purdey shotguns, bolt action rifles and double rifles.

Why utilize the free consultation services of Griffin & Howe? There is no surcharge for this service.

Griffin & Howe manages every detail of the process from custom gun fit to choice of best exhibition grade walnut to selection of engraver, presenting you with the choices to best suit your requirements and taste. We will ensure that you are aware of every option available when creating finest sporting shotgun you will ever acquire.

By selecting Griffin & Howe to manage this time consuming process you can relax as we do all of the work. We manage the detailed specifications, the order process and continued follow up of progress throughout the build process. Once your firearm is complete we will then handle importation and final inspection upon the arrival of your Purdey.

It may be of interest to note that in 1925 Griffin & Howe offered a new Purdey for £126 – 0s – 0d and if “with 3rd fastening and side clips to action” the price increased to £129 – 0s – 0d.

A Single Trigger example was an additional £10 – 10s – 0d, (or ten guineas).

A new Purdey ‘Woodward’ over and under, described as: “A vertical barrel gun of unique design, embodying extreme soundness of construction, perfect balance and light weight, having stood the test of eight seasons continuous use with complete success”, was offered for £126 – 0s – 0d.

A Woodward from this era would be priced at approximately US$70,000.00.

Purdey.. Truly an investment grade sporting firearm!



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