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In the past few years, we have been delighted to serve many new customers who have not come from shooting and hunting backgrounds.   They ask us where they can learn to shoot, where they can hunt, what kind of firearms and equipment they need.  The questions are endless, and invariably we have the answers.

This is because we’ve been in the business since 1923, and because many of the people who work for Griffin & Howe measure their employment in decades rather than years. If you are interested in a shotgun, for example, you can reasonably expect to spend anywhere from several hundred dollars to tens of thousands.  At either end of the spectrum, you will get a gun that is an investment.  But how do you choose? How do you get one that fits you properly? How do you get one whose value will hold up? You simply ask us!

Should you be looking for a rifle, we offer a firearm that is distinctive, has been proven in game fields all over the world, and is made by us, from scratch.  Griffin & Howe has built rifles of all types, for all uses.  They are tough, enduring, and accurate, and they are the distillation of nine decades of schooling in what makes a fine rifle and what does not.

While our experience may be the most valuable thing we have to offer, there is never a charge for it.  It is always gratis to our customers and friends, who are one and the same.  If you have a question, or several, please do call us.  Or better yet, drop in.



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