New Rifle & Handgun Director

New Rifle & Handgun Director

We are delighted to introduce Malcom Murray as the new director of our Rifle and Handgun academies!

Hailing from North Carolina, Malcom first started hunting at the age of nine. In 1996 he joined the Navy SEALS, where he trained as a sniper under the mentorship of James D. Wilson, a lifetime distinguished shooter with the Marine Corps and two-time Indiana state champion.

While serving as a Navy SEAL, Malcom spent 10 years as a sniper, breacher and communicator, performing many tours of duty throughout South America and Afghanistan. He also earned his title and certification as a Master Training Specialist, becoming the Naval Special Warfare SNIPER Course Manager where he managed logistics, curriculums, compliance and personnel, as well as providing SNIPER trade craft and marksmanship instruction to Naval Special Warfare SEAL Team units.

With experience as a Personal Protection Officer dealing in surveillance, counter-surveillance, threat protection and operational leadership, and consulting for the Navy Expeditionary Combat Command on both land and maritime tactics, Malcom has an extensive range of knowledge, which feeds into his passion for instructing. With over 20 years of combined instructional and management experience with Youth shooting programs, the U.S. Navy SEAL Sniper School, the Department of State Worldwide Protective Service and Anti-Terrorism Assistance Program, the Blackwater/ACADEMI Training Center, and Israel Weapons Industry, Malcom is looking forward to bringing his expertise to the Griffin & Howe Shooting Academy. Look out for new classes launching over the next few months!

When he’s not on the range, Malcom can be found hunting, fishing, gardening, golfing and spending time with his family.

Malcom will be teaching the following new classes over the summer:

Saturday June 15th: Rifle Scope Setup, Zero and Data Collection
Learn how to zero your rifle at 100 yards, collect data and make adjustments for shooting out to 1000 yards.

Saturday July 20th: Rifle Shooting Fundamentals
A deep dive into the seven fundamentals of shooting, both theoretical and in practice.

Saturday August 17th: Rifle MOA and MILS
Learn the relationship and differences between MOA and MILS, and how to utilize both aiming systems to engage a range of target distances.

Saturday September 14th: Reading Trace
Get to grips with how to use a spotting scope to capture trace variations, and how to use the feedback to correct for shot placement.

If you’d like to book a lesson with Malcom, please contact our academy by calling 973-398-2670 or emailing


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