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Many parents are keen to get their children into shooting at a young age. We pride ourselves on being the premier provider of shooting tuition in the USA. As a young shooter, your child will be provided with one of our friendly and experienced teachers to learn the fundamentals of clay shooting and help them achieve their goals in the sport.

Clay shooting is unique as it not only requires focus and vision, but also teaches discipline and responsibility. At the Griffin & Howe Shooting School parents can be assured that their child will be taught in both a safe and encouraging environment.


Commonly thought of as a masculine sport, most instructors find that women learn how to shoot much faster than men. Griffin & Howe is always willing to meet the needs of new female shots, offering both light weight shotguns and rifles together with specialized tuition. We provide an atmosphere where either gender may comfortably learn from our world class instructors.


Griffin & Howe Shooting School provides wonderful opportunities, for families looking to improve their shooting skills. Shooting with Griffin & Howe at Hudson Farm Club allows families to spend time together having fun, growing closer in a bonding atmosphere. We provide a safe environment that builds lasting memories for all.


Griffin & Howe has spent the last century building America’s finest custom sporting rifles.

Our facility at Hudson Farm has become the premier location in the USA to learn rifle shooting. Currently we offer instruction on our state of the art rifle range. The most protracted on the north eastern seaboard.


The Griffin & Howe Shooting School at Hudson Farm Club is the nation’s finest shooting facility, with a committed and experienced staff of professional instructors, carefully selected, representing the finest educators in the USA, dedicated to skillful technique & service

Regardless of shooting skill level, anyone who desires personal enrichment in an exquisite setting where you will, be challenged, be moved, be changed and be inspired…should attend the Griffin & Howe Shooting School……after all we “Aim for Excellence.”





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