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For the avid wing shooter, few things can match the frustration of missing a bird that should have been an easy shot.  Although anyone can have an off day, it is when the problem occurs again and again, it is time to consider a shotgun lesson with us at the Griffin & Howe Shooting School.

For several decades, the Griffin & Howe Shooting School has offered discriminating sportsmen and sportswomen the most professional and comprehensive shotgun lessons in the United States. Clients are tutored utilizing the instinctive method, a technique that quickly and dramatically improves shooting skill, without aiming or using a per-calculated lead.

The instinctive method has been developed and is widely practiced in England.  This method is based upon several fundamental principles – correct shooter posture/stance, proper gun mounting (greatly assisted by a gun that fits the shooter) and the ability to concentrate on the target.

While the Griffin & Howe instruction program has been designed to enhance the shooting skills of upland bird and waterfowl hunters, the basic principles are identical to those required to effectively shoot sporting clays, deemed the fastest growing shooting sport in this country.


A gun that fits the shooter properly is a key element in the “instinctive method” of shooting instruction.

A popular misconception among shooters is that for a gun to fit properly it must be entirely custom made.  Actually, almost any shotgun can be altered to fit a specific shooter.  Fitting a gun really means alteration of the gun stock.  The instructor fits the client during the course of a “shooting fit” by utilizing a “try gun”, a gun with an adjustable stock.  Shooting at plates and targets is essential to obtaining correct measurements.  When the correct measurements are determined, the measurements can be used to alter the client’s gun stock.

Shooters are often astounded by visual (before and after) proof of where their gun is shooting.  Firing several cartridges at our patterning plates is often an enlightening experience.


Shotgun lessons are offered at the Griffin & Howe Shooting School located on the grounds of the Hudson Farm Club in Andover, NJ.  Hudson Farm Club shooting hours are 9:00AM until 5:00 PM, seven days a week and in Chappaqua, NY on select Thursdays.  We offer an assortment of shotgun shooting lesson packages designed to accommodate beginners and progressing to accomplished shooters (who may need some assistance with a particularly troubling shot).

Lesson packages include:

  • Individual/private hours
  • Sporting clays individual /group
  • Corporate and promotional days
  • Off-Premises instruction, US, UK & Europe


We are justifiably proud to have secured the exclusive services of Mr. Kevin Sterk (NSCA Level III Instructor), as our head shooting instructor.  Mr. Sterk has served as chief instructor at our prestigious shooting school and has provided instruction to a truly impressive list of international clients and competitive shooters.

Our custom designed facilities include a private instruction area featuring three covered shooting houses with twelve automated traps.  A 100’ high tower (for high incoming and crossing shots) with automated traps that will, on an instructors call, present a client with virtually any conceivable driven pheasant game bird shot.  Trap field and a driven pheasant and grouse field with multiple pegs to practice with your double guns.  Additionally, a Sporting Clays Course featuring 20 shooting fields is of international competition quality, and will allow us to simulate the flight of any game bird in a completely natural setting.  Our shooting grounds permit in-depth instruction and practice at realistically depicted shots ranging from driven grouse/partridge to high pheasants and doves.   Bird hunters and sporting clays enthusiasts can benefit from an hourly, half or full-day instruction session(s) at our course.

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GUN FITTING:  We highly recommend a shooting fit, which is achieved by shooting with our try gun, a multi-adjustable gun, at patterning plates and targets.

GUN REPAIRS: The Griffin & Howe Shooting School has an excellent staff of expert gunsmiths who will efficiently provide a full range of gun repair or refinishing services.

GUNS AND ACCESSORIES:  There is a well stocked Pro Shop at the shooting grounds which is available to all clients.  We specialize in new and used double guns, both side by side, and over and under for game and sporting clays shooting, as well as, ear and eye protection.

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