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  • To: Cliff Eitel
    Subject: mannlicher


    I received the rifle yesterday and it’s just what I wanted.

    Thank you!


    J. Watkins, Ph.D.

  • Paul,
    Received the gun Tuesday. The packaging of the gun was great. I like the gun very much, great condition as advertised.
    I was able to put some shots on paper yesterday, I think it will work for me. Possibly could use a little more cast off. Some day I would like to come out for a fitting, thats another item on my bucket list. I did have lessons once from Jack Mitchell and he recommended stock dimensions, but we did not use try gun or patterning plate.
    Again, thanks for a trouble free buying experience.

  • Dear Guy & Steve,

    I wanted to thank you and the Hudson Farm Family for your generous hospitality.  It was an unforgettable experience from the minute we arrived to the minute we left.

    As a novice shooter, I was nervous about being in an experienced environment, but was excited and thankful for the skills and comfort everyone at Hudson provided me.  Having always found this sport intimidating, my time at the farm was beyond memorable and educational.  I would be lying if I didn’t acknowledge that this was an experience that has changed the way I view my father’s hobbies and the elegance and precision of a well-made gun.

    P.S. I won my class speech for minimal gun regulation 10-3!

    Much appreciation,

    G. Mondavi

  • RE: My double rifle

    Paul – you have certainly participated in a once in a lifetime experience

    already.  I have dreamed of owning a double rifle ever since I started

    hunting and have watched the movies and DVD’s in which they are prominent

    more times than I can count (just finished “The Ghost and the Darkness” for

    about the tenth time and can vividly remember Robert Redford shooting the

    charging lion in “Out of Africa” with his Rigby double – a startling scene

    but one that really got me going on a lion hunt, those many years ago).

    I have a life sized lion target and you can bet it will have some holes in

    it before I get to Africa.  Thanks again.


  • Re: Remington stock

    Thanks Cliff,

    Picked up the finished stock this afternoon and it was exactly what I wanted. Great job, as usual.


    Greg E.

  • Hey Steve, thought I would forward these photos to you. I talked with Vanessa today and she RAVED about you, the Hudson Farm staff, and the Club.  She wants to find a way to get her Dad out there to visit.  As always, you knocked it out of the park.  She and her family are on cloud nine with the entire experience.  Thanks so much again for making this family’s dream come true. 

    Melissa R.

    “Melissa thank you so much for allowing us to tag along with the biologist and for scheduling the visit at Hudson Farm Club, Like I said before the trip was awesome!  Can you please get us an address for Mike and his team we would really like to write him a thank you..

    D. DiMeolo”

  • Dear Guy Bignell,

    I, VZ, would like to extend my gratitude for the amazing professionalism of your Import/Export Manager, Laurel Auriemma.  She assisted me with all kinds of logistical know-how in bringing my family’s heirloom, which is a 16 gauge Imman Meffert shotgun, from Riga, Latvia to the USA.

    My grandfather was stationed in Germany after WW2 and purchased this shotgun on the birthday of my father.  Before my grandfather passed away, he wanted for us to have this shotgun in our possession.  This journey took me 7 years of logistical nightmare and a trip to Latvia to arrange for transporation of our gun the USA.

    Laurel is an absolute pleasure to work with!  The way she conducted herself is a direct reflection of you.

    I thank you, Guy, and I am thankful to Griffin & Howe for your incredible assistance!

    Sincerely, VZ – New Jersey

  • Good morning Cliff,

    I picked up my Purdey O/U project gun yesterday.   Wow !   I couldn’t be more pleased.

    The rub up on the stock came out great. Everything you and Purdey did is exceptional.

    This project was well worth the wait.

    Thank you for a great job ,

    Hal F.

  • Cliff and Colleen,

    I just wanted to take a moment to thank both of your for your kindness and attention during my visit to the Hudson Farm location this morning.  Not only were the grounds and shops impressive, I was also quite taken by everyone’s courtesy and professionalism.

    I look forward to returning to the location not only to pick up my repair, but also to visit the other shops and buildings on the grounds.  Thank you again for your friendliness and attention.  I will be sure to mention your business to my partners and will gladly direct them to your location.


    Jeffrey B.

  • You guys are the best; in more ways than just one.

    It is much pleasure to be able to trust you.

    Thank for checking.

    And let me know if there is anything I could do for you.



  • The 28 gauge is deadly!  You did a great job.  Haven’t fired the 20 gauge.

    Richard O.

  • Went shooting yesterday; shot 25 pheasants (tower shoot) with 75 cartridges. Used both guns. They performed flawlessly (#1  bit stiff to open) I am taking them to the UK in  a few weeks and will probably fire 500 cartridges. I am sure they will perform. Thanks to all of you for saving this old pair of great guns.

  • The workmanship was excellent. I love the wood color and the case colors are so much better. Both trigger pulls are perfect. The action is not too tight. The top lever is perfectly positioned and the LOP is exact and with the slight off cast that was in the stock fits me just right.   Please thank your gunsmith for the extra care in reassembling the side locks. The hammer strikes on the snap caps feel uniform and strong. The gun is much more attractive and striking than when it left Lebeau-Courally. Thanks to you Cliff and the gunsmith you assigned at Griffin & Howe, this is probably the nicest Browning BSL anywhere.   I’m leaving for South Dakota tonight and I really appreciate your excellent service in getting it to me on time. Regards, Dennis

  • You did a fantastic job on my sweet 16!  I’m very impressed with your craftsmanship and really appreciate your good work.  Great job! Best, Bob

  • I received the shotgun, and it looks great, thanks! Do you guys work on lever guns by any chance?  I have a Winchester I’d like to have some refinishing and minor custom work done on. Thanks again, Tony

  • I just wanted to tell you I finally had a chance to use the Perazzi 28 bore you worked on for me yesterday; Wow, what a little dream of a gun, and it fits me beautifully. Thank you so much; you did an FABULOUS job. I did talk at some length to the man at Perazzi USA that you e-introduced me too; and he talk me out of the steel shot business. Anyway, I just wanted you to know how pleased I am. If you, or Griffin and Howe, need or want a testimonial as to the quality of work you produce I’m happy to provide it. Again a gazillion Thanks……George

  • I reinstalled the scope after G & H remounted the scope to straddle the control block and all is great. I was even able to put the Lyman receiver sight back on and the gun is now back to its 1950′s era configuration.   Thanks for a great job and the unexpected short turn-around. Regards, R. Brock

  • Mr. Hackney picked up his Arrieta yesterday, from his local dealer, and he took the trouble to write to Shari about how very pleased he is with the way it came out. He wrote, “It is very well finished and a joy to handle – Thanks again for all your help making this happen”. Little did he know the appalling condition that it came out of the Arrieta factory in and how it looked when it arrived at G&H! Thank you and anyone else involved in the Shop, (Shirley, metalwork), for the effort and quality work you put into the refinishing of the stock, the re-checkering of forend & stock and the fixing of the metal work. All involved should be commended. Thank you Team.

  • I picked up the Perazzi at Clarke Brothers the other day, and i just wanted to tell you how pleased I was to see the really fine job you did on the stock. I haven’t had a chance to fire it  yet, but I can’t wait. Thank you for doing your best, especially through the nightmare of Hurricane Sandy. I’ll let you know when I do get a chance to use it. Thanks again for a really nice job, George L.

  • To all G&H staff,   A big THANK YOU! for a well-coordinated and successful event!  The interest, care, and hospitality you showed us went truly above and beyond expectation.  I appreciate the lengths to which you went to ensure we had ample time and resources to demonstrate our products and their capabilities to you and your customers. It is obvious that you take your philosophy of partnering with your vendors seriously.  Furthermore, your new long range facility is truly tops.   Oh, and the accommodations weren’t too shabby either! Please do not hesitate to contact me if there is any way I may be of assistance. Best regards, Hamilton Hamilton BoykinProduct & Sales Specialist, Eastern US & Canada-Leica Sport Optics

  • A BIG THANK YOU from me as well! You guys are truly a first class operation and I’m so thankful that Beretta can be a part of it. Looking forward to doing it again sometime soon! Thanks again! Wesley O’Connor Beretta USA

  • I am very pleased with the results on the Enfield.   It’s absolutely beautiful!   Please commend the gunsmith for a job well done. Sincerely,   Joe

  • Yes it arrived last week undamaged and it exceeds my expectations.  Beautiful job… Please pass this on to the gunsmiths…. Ron

  • Thank you again, for everything you did to help me with my Fox. She is back home now, and god willing, will be going afield this fall. I can’t find the words right now, to express how I feel, but I sure hope I get the chance to shake your hand some day soon. All the best to you and your family, Respectfully, Rob

  • .500 Watson was delivered a short time ago. As usual G&H’s work is exceptional and fairly priced. You will always be my first choice for work on my quality doubles. Thanks, Cal

  • Many thanks for the kind and courteous service.  It’s refreshing these days to deal with someone who is knowledgeable in their field and who’s as accommodating as I found you to be.  Rest assured that I’ll remember our dealing and that I’ll mention it to my colleagues in the wingshooting world. Best regards and Happy New Year to you, Tom

  • Just wanted to say thank you for contacting Dakota Arms about the problem with the chipped synthetic stock on the rifle that you ordered from them for me.   They repaired it for me perfectly at no cost, and they even paid for the return shipping to me. Once again, thank you. Sincerely, Tony

  • The gun arrived today. I am very happy with the description and the shipping and everything else. Thank you! Steve

  • Just picked up my gun today. LOVE it. Thanks for everything. Will be doing more business with you. Did my sling go out on Friday as you said? AP

  • I just picked up my gun from the FFL, and wanted to thank you. It’s in better condition than you described, my FFL wanted to buy it from me on the spot lol. Thanks again I hope to be doing business with y’all for years to come. Your very satisfied customer, Ramiro

  • I really appreciate the time you offered me in your booth. It is truly a privilege to work with such a distinguished company. The professionalism that you have showed me is unmatched. Sincerely,   Kevin

  • I just wanted to thank you for the opportunity to visit the farm last week. My buddies and I had a great time and Alan is an absolutely amazing instructor. I hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday season. JTB

  • The SIACE double rifle arrived as promised. It’s an absolutely beautiful piece of work. Many thanks for your help. One question. There was now documentation in the case with the rifle. No manual or regulating target as with my previous SIACE. My last one was a while ago so I don’t know what is provided with the rifles today? Thanks Scott

  • I commissioned Bob to do research on a Robertson shotgun I resently purchased. When I recieved his report I was stuned at the attention to detail. A truly beautiful piece of work. Thanks Bob.

  • Gary Just came back from my Alberta, Canada Mule deer and whitetail hunt with Rugged Outfitters in Caroline Alberta.   The new Dakota rifle that you had built for me from Dakota Arms performed perfectly and I am very pleased with it.   I got a beautiful 10 point, 302 pound whitetail at 219 yards. Took both lungs out; ran 50 yards and piled up.   Then on the last day of the hunt, I got a real nice 4 X 4 mule deer with 2 brow tines. Killed him at 377 yards shooting straight uphill. Took both lungs and part of the heart out and he dropped in his tracks.   What a great hunt, and what a great rifle. Thanks again, Tony (an always satisfied client)  

  • Thanks for your help and advice in our collective “gun matters”. Initials SFB should be in the same style as on the Purdeys…. Though with smaller ovals. I would like to arrange for a lesson with the same gentleman who worked with me on my last visit.   Looking forward to the visit. Steve

  • – guns arrived fine  ——-you guys are magicians —- forearm coloring was PERFECT … the checkering was fantastic ………. thank you very much Charlie

  • just shot the G&H 16 ga. Thank you very much for your exceptional help and suggestions. This gun shot incredibly well! In fact, if I could consistently shoot this high maybe you could name a line of accessories after me (joke). Your knowledge and expertise is invaluable. MB. Thank-you Paul.

  • My Dad always said that your organization was absolutely the Tops. Thank you for taking the time to examine my double rifle and give your opinion. I certainly learned quite a bit about it today and frankly I am pleased with the way it turned out. As you said it is a good working gun and the favorite in my collection. Thanks again. Best regards,   George

  • Yesterday, Tuesday, UPS delivered two bases to my home.  They are precisely what I wanted and feared I could not get.  To say I am grateful is to understate how I feel.  I am most grateful, relieved, and very impressed with the actions you have taken. I am an old man who used Jaeger mounts when Paul Jaeger was in Jenkinstown PA.  When I came to Alaska in 1950 I became good friends with Hal and Julie Waugh, he being the well known Kodiak bear guide. Hal used G&H mounts exclusively and influenced my choice of mounts. Obviously I have not used your mounts during the last decade, but I am happy to discover that your firm has retained its integrity and high level of service.  I can assure you that I will not miss any opportunity to extoll your firm’s high standards and the quality of your  products.  If you are coming to the state and I can be of any service to you, please give me an opportunity to help.  I live on the Kenai Peninsula in the heart of good fishing. Cheers Dave

  • Just an email note to let you know I tried out the San Remo Krieghoff 4-barrel set today at my gun club.  I am very pleased with it.  It is in top mechanical condition and was described accurately by you when we first spoke on the phone.  Thank you.  Griffin & Howe and I are off to a great start – thanks in no small part to your involvement. M. Hayden, Alabama

  • I received a call from the local firearm dealer that the Winchester Grand European had arrived.  This is my first purchase of a used firearm without examining it in person, so I was  a bit concerned.  I am very pleased with the purchase.  The condition of the firearm is even better than described.  My firearm dealer was also very impressed with its condition and remarked,  “Well you did buy it from Griffin and Howe”.   Thank you, and I hope to do more business with you in the future. Sincerely,   Vincent

  • I received the stock yesterday and I am really happy with the results. It is a pleasure to business with a company like yours.  We will definitely have future business. Thanks for your help and professionalism,   Larry

  • I paid one of my few annual visits to the Bernardsville store yesterday and have to say that it is one of the very best gunshops in the world. I’ve been to the best in London and Paris and even comparing it to when they were in the Abercrombie place on Madison Ave. it comes out at the top. The fact that they still don’t have the guns behind glass makes the crucial difference. Also the people who run it are super nice and helpful. Long may it endure I trust all is well.

  • I recently received my G&H rifle (#2349) from Willoughby McCabe which is where I asked you to ship it. I purchased the rifle from G&H the fall of 2010. Prior to shipment I asked G&H to perform some repairs.   The work performed by your Company was outstanding. I was very pleased . I also appreciate your initial assistance with the purchase of the rifle along with your views as to the repairs and how the finished product would look once I received the rifle. Tough to visualize over the phone but you made it easy .   Again Many Thanks and Have a nice summer. Bill

  • Managed to get to Boston last weekend and pick-up the Browning 28g, and the Beretta 12g. – Both guns surpassed my expectations !! Lovely workmanship, great wood and perfect fit – I win all around !! Thank you for all you did to make my bucket list of shotguns start coming to fruition.   I start a new series in 2 months and will be back for the perfect 20g to round out the collection. Hope you are well and enjoy your summer… Cheers, Michael

  • Thank you in advance for your repair of my Powell 12 bore. It certainly is a pleasure to deal with you as director of gunsmithing!  In the past with your service of this gun, Emilys beretta and my Famars my guns have all been returned in each case better than new. I know this will again be the case. Thank you again, Wayne

  • Hi Team

    Back from Namibia.

    My new G&H 300 win mag was a joy…….a precision instrument.

    Nearly all game was shot with only one round…..simply an impressive gun.

    More pics to follow.



  • Bob – you are terrific – thanks very much!!  , B. Wilson

  • Dear Bob,

                   The history of my Scott arrived today. I am overwhelmed by the wonderful quality of your research and do little but thank you for the time and resourcefulness you have put into the study: Thank you.
  • Hello Mr. Beach,

    The document package you provided was quite impressive. Thank you for the detailed information, and the historical narrative about A&F, G&H, VL&A and VL&D. A friend of mine commented yesterday that he did not know A&F had ever sold guns. Instead of going into any detail, I simply explained how I came to own the gun my Father gave to me, and will send him a copy of your narrative. As a child, I knew about A&F as a sporting goods store, one dedicated to the well heeled outdoorsman, and with my limited experience in commerce presumed its permanent existence because of reputation. A poor US economy in the 70’s led to the demise of many great firms, A&F being one of them. My teenagers know of A&F as a fashion icon whose time has passed, but I will soon share with them this treasure of information you have shared with me. Fortunately, they do understand a little about the importance of leaving a legacy, about heritage and the value of a good name. 
    Thank you again for what has far exceeded my expectations. I will ask one of my daughters to make some better photographs of the 28 gauge shotgun, and forward for your records. 
    All the best
    J. McBurney
  • Bob, I received your documents today !  Thank You so much. Very very impressive !

  • Hi Bob,

    Just wanted to let you know that all the documents arrived today safely.
    You did a superb job with the research.  I am really happy with all the information that you sent me.  You are a credit to Griffin & Howe for the top-notch work that you do for the firm.  Thank you ever-so-much.
    J. Birch
  • Hello Bob:
        I received your information regarding my A & F shotgun. It is absolutely well done and to be treasured along with my gun.
        Thank you for your professionalism.
    B. Gras
  •  Dear Mr. Beach. I received your information on Friday and I could not have been more pleased with the results of all your effort. The materials are outstanding and give me an even greater appreciation for my gun and the special  gift from my mother over fifty one years ago. Thanks for all that you did. It is greatly appreciated. Sincerely. J. Williams
  • Mr. Beach,
           Received the information regarding my Westley-Richards. Well done, thank you very much. I greatly appreciate the extra effort providing copies. You should raise your price, you work too cheap!!!
    Best wishes and a Merry Christmas,
    C. Gouger
    Cape Cod, Ma.
    P.S. I have just acquired a  Zoli Rizzini 28ga Dbl made for Abercrombie and Fitch, Ser# 2112. Will be contacting you after the holidays to see if you have any info regarding this shotgun.
  • Late last fall I purchased a Francotte grade #45 shotgun that needed some TLC.

    The gun turned out so nice that I decided to get a letter on it through Griffin & Howe and Bob Beach, the historian for the company.

    I received the letter along with a wealth of other information such as the original purchaser, the shipping line that the gun came across the Atlantic on, copies of the inventory books etc.
    It was the best $60 I’ve spent in a long time.

    Thank you Bob



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