M1C Garand Mount

Reintroducing the All-Steel M1C Garand Mount, Now Available for Purchase

During the Second World War, Griffin & Howe was commissioned with the construction of a scope mounting solution for the M1 Garand service rifle. As these were top-loading firearms, typical scope mounts could not be used as they would interfere with the function of the rifle.

These conversions would come to be known as the M1C Sniper Conversion for the Garand Rifle. M1C or Garand mounts would borrow much of the technology from the sporting side mounts that Griffin & Howe was already producing and installing on sporting rifles.

M1C Garand mounts consist of three major parts; the base, top slide, and rings (the top slide and rings combined being referred to as the ‘top half’). Each top half was custom fitted to its corresponding base, and consequently its rifle. It is for this reason that all top halves will not necessarily fit all bases and one of the reasons why bases and top halves were serialized to match their parent rifles. The serial number was stamped on the top of the dovetail on the base, as well as on the side of the top slide.

Griffin and Howe is pleased to announce new production of our M1C scope mount for the Garand rifle. Machined in-house on modern CNC equipment, these all-steel mounts are made to the original dimensions, but held to much tighter tolerances.

These new M1C mounts are exacting re-releases, made to be as at home on collectors rifles as they are on those used in competitions and recreaction.

If needed, Griffin & Howe can fit our re-released M1C top halves to existing bases. This work can also be performed by qualified gunsmiths.

Griffin & Howe is also happy to complete full M1C installations on existing Garand rifles lacking the M1C bottom half.


Pricing for Top Half: $800

Pricing for full mount (Top and Bottom Half): $1,035

Pricing for Full Mount with Installation: Contact Us for a Quote

Please email sales@griffinhowe.com or call 973-398-2670 to order.