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David Denies Bird Hunting comprises 10 world-class bird hunting lodges across Argentina and Uruguay.

Whether it’s high-volume dove shooting in the Cordoba hills, duck hunts in the fertile wetlands of the Buenos Aires province, or experiencing the idyllic rolling pastures of Uruguay, home to the greatest concentration of hard flying perdiz – David Denies brings you the ultimate wingshooting paradise. With an impeccable style and attention to detail found nowhere else, beautifully appointed lodges will welcome you and become your home away from home during your stay, where you will be treated to cuisine prepared by some of the finest internationally trained chefs.

From the moment you book your trip to well after you return home, you will experience the David Denies difference, and see what has made their lodges the ultimate destination for Argentina wingshooting or Uruguay duck hunting for nearly 40 years.

Jacana Lodge – Argentina

The David Denies Flagship Duck Program is proud to draw on the hundreds of years of combined experience that our staff brings to the table in guiding, outfitting, and preparing wing shooting programs for the discriminating shooting guest.

Since its opening in 2001, Jacana remains the number one Argentina experience for duck hunting and should be at the top of your bucket list for a great time. Just a short drive from Buenos Aires, you can arrive on a morning flight from the USA and be hunting right after lunch.

The property features more than 100 comfortable and well-camouflaged dry blinds, well distributed throughout huge hunting areas of natural beauty. David Denies outfitters will provide quality species-specific decoys, and all the boats, vehicles, and trucks to get you to where the ducks are each day.

Guides can also provide guns and waders for you so you can pack light. Any length of stay can be accommodated and the location is ideal for combination trips to Cordoba for dove and pigeon shoots, or any of their other hunting and fishing locations.

La Dormida Lodge – Argentina Dove Hunting

A perfect blend of the best dove shooting, combined with the finest amenities in a contemporary yet elegant setting. La Dormida is a great location for small groups, both corporate as well as family and friends, who are looking for a relaxing, private escape.

In the field you will experience dusk-to-dawn dove flights, where birds cross the landscape daily – in waves measured in miles, paired with great food served under the shade of a canvas tent or an authentic thatched roof quinchos.

Purposefully designed to cater exclusively to the traveling wing shooter, La Dormida serves exquisite meals paired with some of the best wines Argentina has to offer. Designed exclusively for high-volume dove hunting with more than 250,000 acres of land, you will shoot a challenging mix of steep hills, sunflower fields, creeks beds, and sorghum acreage, so you can enjoy variety and quality hunting year-round. Ideally located for shorter drives to the best shooting grounds

Pica Zuro Lodge – Argentina

This stately 19th-century compound is centered around the authentic Argentine-style Estancia, but don’t be fooled by the historic appearance of the lodge – at its heart lies a modern launchpad for dove hunters with over 300,000 acres of land.

For over 20 years, Pica Zuro has set the benchmark in dove shooting luxury. The facilities and amenities are second to none, with access to a private game room, outdoor hot tub, lap pool, dry sauna, and massage room. The grounds are also home to two outdoor fire pits, which offer the perfect spot for afternoon and evening relaxation.

As the David Denies flagship dove hunting venue, Pica Zuro is perfectly positioned to reach hundreds of private access shooting locations within minutes. These hillsides and agricultural fields are home to millions of eared doves which fill the skies in spectacular numbers.

San Juan Lodge – Uruguay

With breathtaking views of the Uruguayan countryside, Estancia San Juan finds itself in the perfect location, where you can access water impoundments teeming with ducks, partridge cover in abundance, and incredible dove roosts, all just a short drive away on good roads.

This area of Uruguay is considered the perdiz capital of South America, and San Juan’s kennel of purpose-bred bird dogs have been trained from birth to pursue these birds. With fantastic flights of migratory ducks as well as roosts full of doves and pigeons, it’s easy to see why the lodge offers an unparalleled Uruguayan mixed-bag hunting experience.

A beautiful contemporary lodge, San Juan is designed around a comfortable main gathering room with a central fireplace, and offers an elegant and comfortable home away from home during your stay. Guests will hunt perdiz or ducks most mornings, with opportunities to hunt decoyed and passing pigeons as well. In the afternoons you will experience dove hunting around the largest dove roost in all of Uruguay, just minutes from the lodge.

Uruguay Lodge – Uruguay

Uruguay Lodge is an elegant 19th-century mansion that rests on one of the most beautiful estancias in the country. After extensive restoration, this mansion has been returned to its original splendor and updated with all of the modern comforts you would expect from a David Denies wingshooting experience.

There are fertile fields in abundance with perfect rolling pastures to hunt perdiz, ponds and lagoons full of duck species found only in South America, and wide plots dedicated to the agriculture of sunflowers, sorghum, soy, corn, and wheat providing a nearly infinite food supply for the doves and pigeons.

During your stay you will be treated to a culinary adventure featuring amazing local meats, farm fresh, seasonal produce and delicious wild game recipes, all locally sourced, and carefully prepared by the famed and talented chefs which David Denies are known for.


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