Red Stag Patagonia

About Red Stag Patagonia

Red Stag Patagonia offers unique opportunities to hunt red stag across three lodge locations in Argentina and Chile. The company was founded in 2010 by the team from David Denies partnering with Sebastian Casado, an outdoorsman and big game hunter with over 20 years of experience organizing hunts in Patagonia. Their dedication to providing world-class hunts combined with luxurious service and lodgings reflects their commitment to quality and integrity.

Red Stag also takes great pride in caring for nature and the wild environment. Game herds are strictly managed to assure the health of the local populations and to ensure good hunting for generations to come.


With Red Stag Patagonia, red stag hunting is catered for every ability level, whether you plan to walk or stalk, on horse or by vehicle. Three private ranch locations each have unique assets that can accommodate different hunting methods. All staff, from the household managers to hunt guides, are professionally trained and focused on your hunting success and comfort.

Red Stag Tupungato n Mendoza, Argentina

This ranch is one of the oldest and largest working ranches in the area, with 150,000 acres of property containing amazing views of the mountainous region. While package hunts are available for fallow deer and wild boar, the star of the show is the red stag hunting program.

The lodge hosts have been managing and breeding red stag herds for over 20 years, interbreeding local stock with some of the best bloodlines from New Zealand and Europe to create one of the biggest and healthiest herds in the country. Combined with the perfect habitat of fertile valleys and foothills of the Mendoza Andean mountains, these free-range red stags develop impressive racks, with some specimens naturally reaching the 450 SCI + class. All hunting is dictated by a string management plan, where only older mature stags are harvested.

Red Stag Chile in Central Valley, Chile

Located 500 miles south of Santiago, this ranch provides a unique opportunity to hunt enormous red stag. All deer are completely wild, and all hunts are fair chase. With abundant food, great cover and over 80 years of selective herd management, this part of Southern Chile produces some of the biggest wild stags in the world. Only six mature stags are harvested each year, so availability is extremely limited for these hunts.

All guides are members of the family that own the property and have an intimate knowledge of the terrain, which features rolling hills, open fields and meadows, and wheat fields interspersed with thick forest. Stag hunting season is short, from late March to early April, and hunters can choose to stalk, hunt on horseback or from elevated stands.

About Red Deer

Since red deer were introduced into Argentina more than a hundred years ago, they have flourished in multiple parts of South America. Despite being a non-native animal, red deer are now one of the most relevant and popular big-game species in Argentina and Chile.

Hunting red stag in northern Patagonia is similar to hunting elk in the Rockies, where hiking and horseback hunting is the norm.

For those non-hunting companions, or for those looking to combine red stag hunting with other activities, these locations offer some of the best trout streams in South America, as well as opportunities to hunt wild boar.

Booking Your Trip

Red Stag Patagonia provides exclusive, small group hunts. While they don’t guarantee a kill, they do guarantee that you will be hunting in the best locations at the best time, in an area populated by an abundance of Argentina red stag.

When to Book
We recommend booking your hunt at least a year in advance to make sure you can access the best areas at the best time.

How To Get There
Ground transportation from the closest international airport is included in your hunt fee. Flights are not included as part of the package and must be booked separately.

Travelling with Firearms
If you would like to take your firearms with you, we can help guide you through the process. Alternatively, Griffin & Howe Highlander rifles are available for rent at each location.

Each location has packages available based on how you would like to take your red stag trophy home and based on your choice your harvest will be field-dressed appropriately.

How To Book

To find out more, contact the Red Stag Patagonia team here: