Bluing/Metal Refinishing

Bluing and Metal Refinishing

The Griffin & Howe Gunsmithing department offers a comprehensive selection of metal finishing services. Whether you're looking to restore an older firearm, update an old design, or create a legacy firearm of your own, we can provide a range of options from bluing to hydro dipping.

Bluing Services

Case Coloring

In addition to bluing services, Griffin & Howe can offer a number of other traditional and modern gun finishes. Case coloring provides a beautiful option for action finish on select shotguns and rifles. We work with several color case hardeners who are able to reproduce the original colors needed as closely as possible.

Other Finishes

Additionally, we offer other services for modern metal finishes, including baked on, sprayed on, and dipped coatings like anodizing, Cerakote and hydro dipping.


Our in-house engraver can touch up any lettering or engraving as needed if affected by the condition of the gun and the polishing process. This can be as simple as an oval all the way to full custom pieces or even gold inlays.


Polish and hot caustic salt bluing - $420
 Hot caustic sale blue matte finish - $420
 Polish and traditional slow rust blue barrels - $840
Polish and traditional slow rust blue rifle - $945
Color case harden action (prep work not included) - $550
Polish and hot caustic salt blue Winchester 21 style action - $595
Belgian Bluing - Price on Request


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