NNEO Moose Hunts

Moose Hunting with Northern New England Outfitters

About Maine Moose Hunting

Maine is one of the few states to have a substantial moose population, estimated to be around 75,000. Because of this, Maine is now one of the top moose hunting destinations in the USA. Moose hunters have the opportunity to shoot a mature bull moose weighing in at 1000 lbs or more, with antlers spanning over six inches.

Maine Moose Hunts with NNEO

Northern New England Outfitters is a family-owned business, offering premier outfitting and guided moose hunts for sportsmen and women of all ages. Hunts are offered in Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont.

The NNEO lodge is less than a mile from the border of Maine, centrally located between zones 7 and 12, plus only a half-hour drive away from the best moose country Vermont has to offer in Zone E1 or E2. Private cabins are available for each hunting party, and an on-site butcher shop in Wentworth’s Location, New Hampshire, means they are a true ‘one-stop shop’ for your moose hunting experience.

The NNEO team of 8 registered guides have one primary objective – to get you a moose! Maine moose hunts are considered to be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and the NNEO team holds a true dedication and passion for being New England’s premier moose hunting outfitter – with the state records to prove it! NNEO maintains a 100% success rate.


Enjoy NNEO’s custom lodge with a bar, family dinners, full convenience store with a deli, and comfortable couches for you to relax in after a long day in the woods. Personal private cabins are available for each hunting party, which include hot showers, full kitchenettes, screened-in porches, satellite TV and Wi-Fi.

Fully guided moose hunt packages include three delicious homemade meals each day, ranging from cheeseburgers and subs to lasagna, beef or pork roasts, stuffed chicken breasts and much more.


How To Get A Permit for Maine Moose Hunts

NNEO owners Jason and Dustin Parent are happy to help you secure your moose permit. You can contact them by phone or email to get started. Moose hunts are either by lottery draw or silent auction, and bids range from $8,500 to $25,000 depending on the state.

Eligibility to apply for the Maine Moose Lottery

You can apply for the Maine moose lottery if you are eligible to obtain a Maine big game hunting license, or will be eligible to obtain a Maine big game hunting license by the opening day of Maine moose hunting season.

Please note that you cannot submit more than one application, and any person submitting more than one application will be disqualified from the lottery.

What's Included

NNEO provides the following as part of your fully guided moose hunt:

  • Full accommodations with satellite TV, hot showers, cooking stove and refrigerator
  • Home cooked meals with a rotating menu
  • On site meat processing facility with a walk-in cooler
  • Fully guided hunt and transportation to and from hunting areas
  • Field dressing and removal of your moose from the woods

What's Not Included

  • Valid hunting license and moose hunting permits
  • Rifle and ammunition
  • Hunting equipment
  • Game processing (Average cost is $0.60 per lb.)


Once you’ve harvested your moose, NNEO will process the meat at their on-site butcher’s shop, custom cut to the highest standards. Once you have your moose butchered, all game will be double wrapped and clearly labeled with select cut information, then frozen for convenient transportation. Your trophy will be cared for by a professional on-site taxidermist, who can either complete the mounting process of your moose or make it ready for your taxidermist when you return home from the hunt.


NNEO are the only New England outfitter to harvest seven bulls with a 60-inch spread or more in the last 10 years – not only a sign of their expertise but of their dedication and passion for hunting. If you’re looking for the best hunting experience in New England, call the NNEO team at 603-387-4626 or 603-455-7133, or email northernneoutfitters@gmail.com.