Fernando Saiz Spain

About Fernando Saiz Spain

Founded in 1975, Fernando Saiz Spain is one of the oldest hunting organizations in Spain. Their motto is “Spanish Tradition and Hunting Excellence”, and their team of four professional hunters have over 150 combined years of hunting experiences across the world. Fernando Saiz Spain strives to provide the best guides and secure the best permits, maintaining the true spirit of hunting whilst utilizing the best areas.

What to Expect

Spain boasts a wide range of unforgettable hunts, from ibex stalks to driven boar. Your hunting location will be based on what you choose to hunt, and a member of the Fernando Saiz Spain team will meet you at Madrid Airport and assist with clearing any firearms through customs, before driving you to the hotel in your hunting area.

Hunts are usually organized from mid-October to mid-February. Fernando Saiz Spain will organize your hunting permits for you, and can provide rental rifles if necessary


An ancient type of driven hunt endemic to Spain, Montería involves the tracking, chasing and killing of big game. Packs of hounds along with their respective beaters will stir up an area of forest, driving the game to move around and into the waiting firing line of the shooting pegs.

Experience one of the most traditional ways to hunt in Spain, and get ready to experience the thrill of hunting driven boar, red deer and mouflon sheep with fast-paced shooting.

Spanish Tradition and Luxury Hunting

Fernando Saiz Spain is not just about hunting. You will be provided with the best opportunities to experience fine cuisine, stunning accommodations, and even sightseeing and shopping in different historical cities.


All trophies will be salt dried by a professional taxidermist. Skulls, horns or antlers will be cleaned and prepared to be sent the following spring after the hunting season. Trophies will then be sent to New York via a reputable expediting firm in Madrid, with all the necessary accompanying documents

Find Out More

Contact us at info@griffinhowe.com to find out more about hunting opportunities in Spain


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