Handgun Instruction

Handgun Lessons and Classes

The Griffin & Howe Handgun Academy welcomes adults aged 21 and over of all abilities to experience a handgun lesson or class with us. We are open to the public 7 days a week all year round and provide private instruction, small group lessons for up to 4 people, and regular scheduled classes which can be found on our events calendar. Please note we are not an open range, access to the range is by instruction only.

All lessons are tailored towards your personal goals – from beginner’s basic handgun training to advanced classes and concealed carry training. Our experienced instructors will teach you the skills you need in a safe and fun environment.


Beginner Handgun Level 1

Beginner Handgun is a multi-level program designed to teach proper safe handling of a handgun, fundamental shooting techniques, clearing malfunctions, and proper maintenance. Upon completion of the course, each participant should be well versed in safety awareness, have the confidence and ability to safely load, engage targets up to 15 yards, and maintain a properly functioning handgun.

Visit our event calendar to see available dates and sign up.


Pistol Mounted Optics (PMO) Class

Beginning in the classroom, we will review different red dots and mounting options, the application of marksmanship fundamentals with an optic, as well as the advantages and limitations of shooting with a pistol mounted optic.

We will also review each shooter’s individual experience and needs, cover firearm safety and range rules, give a basic overview of shooting stance, proper drawing and the ready gun position, and explain the difference in target acquisition between optics and iron sights.

Once on the range, we will go through proper PMO sight-in, dry-firing and learning to acquire the dot, shooting from both a ready position and holster drawing, firing follow-up shots and learning how to manage recoil and reacquiring the dot after recoil.

We’ll run a series of practical drills for both dominant and non-dominant hand shooting, multiple target engagements, fine-tuning your optic from a distance, and alternative shooting positions. The class ends with a competition style shoot to demonstrate how much faster you can shoot with a red dot.

Visit our event calendar to see available dates and sign up.

Permit to Carry Class

Due to the changes in US Supreme court rulings, residents of NJ are now able to apply for and obtain a New Jersey Permit to Carry (PTC) License. Griffin & Howe is proud to offer a 4-hour qualification course to fulfill the training requirements needed to submit a PTC application. Students will be provided with a PTC Application Package and a Certificate of Completion upon qualifying.

Our PTC class begins with registration and classroom instruction covering use of force and NJSA guidelines. Attendees then proceed to the handgun range for training, and finish with a live fire qualification. To pass, a score of 80% or over must be achieved.

Visit our event calendar to see available dates and sign up.

Holster Draw Class

Beginning in the classroom, we will cover a basic understanding of the techniques and skills required to become comfortable drawing a handgun from a holster, as well as review different situations when drawing from a holster would be appropriate. We will also review each shooter’s individual experience and needs, cover firearm safety and range rules, and give a basic overview of shooting stance.

Once on the handgun range, we will go through the physical five-step process of drawing from a holster, as well as re-holstering. Each shooter will take part in drills that cover shoot/no shoot situations, as well as verbal commands and more.

Visit our event calendar to see available dates and sign up.

Retired Police Officer (RPO) Range Qualification

Under New Jersey and federal law, retired law enforcement officers have the right to carry handguns within the State of New Jersey. The retired law enforcement officer must qualify for their permit twice per calendar year, minimum three months apart, as per the New Jersey Attorney General’s guidelines. Click here for more information on the program.

Griffin & Howe is proud to be a new location in Sussex County to offer the RPO Range Qualification, allowing retired law enforcement officers the opportunity to fulfil the requirements of those permits.

A letter of qualification will be provided upon completion, with details of the make, model, serial number and caliber of the handgun you qualified with. This can be submitted to your police department with your application.

Visit our event calendar to see available dates and sign up.


Beginners – Basic Handgun Training NJ

Many of our students are new to handgun shooting or have recently purchased their first pistol and are looking to learn more about basic gun safety and handgun operation. Our goal is to make you feel as comfortable as possible while we introduce you to the initial aspects of shooting, and we will take time to talk through the objectives of your lesson and answer any questions you may have.

Safe handling is always the primary objective of all firearms training at Griffin & Howe. Our instructors will always ensure you are fully versed in gun safety before engaging in any live fire exercises.

Through practical training, we’ll give you a strong grounding in the basic shooting fundamentals, allowing you to feel confident in your equipment as you develop your understanding of how to operate and care for your firearm.

Self Defense Training

Here at Griffin & Howe we’ve seen an increase in NJ locals purchasing a handgun for personal defense or home defense. While there are NRA courses available, we have put together our own personal defense training program which ensures all students will become safely competent in self-defense and personal protection. Our 1-4 instructor-student ratio allows us to give you our full attention at all times and focus on safety.

Making sure you have a thorough grasp of the basic shooting fundamentals, we will build on your skills at your pace by introducing elements of self-defense training. Once we cover safety, stance, hand position, eye position and sight alignment, recoil management and trigger control during live fire, we will move on to movement while firing, obtaining precision at greater distances, rapid fire engagements, and how to handle multiple targets.

Our Facilities

The Shooting Range

The Griffin & Howe Shooting Academy features four outdoor handgun shooting ranges, with distances ranging from 15 to 55 yards. Each shooting range is semi-covered, allowing you to shoot year-round whatever the weather.


Each range has a selection of state-of-the-art MGM steel targets, and we have a selection of paper targets for more detailed accuracy and feedback.


Did you know we host corporate and charity events on site? If you’re tired of the same old team-building or fundraising dinners, talk to us about setting up a fun and competitive pistol shooting event. We offer a range of packages that also include options for shotgun, rifle and archery. Our team will go through the basics of safe gun handling and shooting fundamentals with each guest, before a fun steel challenge competition to engage all shooters.

Make your private event truly unique with an experience at the Griffin & Howe Shooting Academy.


We carry a selection of pistols from Staccato, Nighthawk Custom, Cabot Gun Company, Korth Revolvers and Alchemy Custom Weaponry. Our Showroom is conveniently located on the same property as our shooting academy, where you can shop for new equipment or apparel. We carry a select range of handgun accessories such as holsters, magazine loaders, red dots, Surefire lights, Nanuk hard cases, soft cases, extra magazines and more.

The Showroom is open 7 days a week from 9am – 5pm.

If you’ve identified an issue with your firearm or having accuracy issues when shooting, we can help identify and diagnose issues. We also offer a wide range of other gunsmithing services – from custom engraving, mounting and zeroing red dot at the range, metal restoration, and general maintenance and cleaning.

Lesson Fees:

Please note our lesson pricing is per hour, not per student. Each lesson can have up to four attendees.

Handgun Instruction – $200 per hour

10 Hour Lesson Package – $1,800 (package discount of $180 per hour)

Half-Day Instruction – $750

Full-Day Instruction – $1,500

There is an additional charge for all ammunition. Staccato pistols are available to rent for $37.50 per lesson.


To find out more about what we have to offer or to book a lesson, contact us on 973-398-2670 or email bookings@griffinhowe.com. Please note we do not accept walk ins, lessons must be booked in advance. Our dress code is golf attire; no t-shirts, blue jeans or open-toed shoes please.