Shooting Academy

Shooting Academy

Welcome to the oldest shooting school in the United States, founded in 1935! With 100 years of experience in hunting and outfitting, we are proud to offer private instruction, group classes and specialized teaching in shotguns, rifles, handguns, archery and fly fishing.

We are open to the public from 9 am – 5 pm Monday through Sunday. Please note we do not offer ‘range time’ or accept walk-ins – we look forward to welcoming you to our world-class facilities through a scheduled lesson or class.

Griffin & Howe is proud to offer a wealth of experience and knowledge to shooters of all ability levels. Our instructors are available to teach private and small group lessons for up to four people. We also offer the opportunity for you to book a private event for groups of any size up to 120 people.

Our state-of-the-art facilities at our Hudson Farm location are complemented by our knowledgeable team of sales staff, our extensive selection of firearms and equipment available for sale in our Showroom, and a full gunsmithing workshop. As well as private instruction and classes, we offer a full outfitting service; whether it’s advice on what to take with you on a bird hunt to creating a custom shotgun stock tailored for your exact measurements.


Whether you’re a new shooter or looking to get in some practice before a driven bird shoot, we have one of the most sought-after sporting clay venues available anywhere. Facilities range from our 20-station sporting clay course to our trap, five-stand, flurry, driven pheasant and grouse fields. We also have covered instructional houses for all-season shooting.

Private lessons for beginners

All our instructors are NSCA-certified, with a focus on safety. Students are equipped with eye and ear protection, fitted for one of our school shotguns, and given a thorough introduction to the basics of shooting. We then take you out to our beautiful sporting clay course to take your first shots at appropriate target presentations.

By the end of your first lesson, we hope to give you an understanding of the safe handling of your firearm, the relationship between eye, gun, and target, and the basic fundamentals: breakpoint, foot position, muzzle hold and visual pickup point.

Tailored Instruction or Advanced Classes

For those with shooting experience who are looking to improve their technique, practice for an event, or if you have a particular interest in pursuing driven bird shooting, skeet, or trap, we can tailor your lesson towards your goals.

Group Classes for Beginners

Our ‘Introduction to Shotgun’ program runs several times a year – check our class calendar for dates. Starting in the classroom and progressing to the sporting clay course, training is tailored to new shooters or those that only have a little experience with a shotgun.

Driven Bird Shooting Training NJ

Our NSCA instructors can assist with your skill development, identify and correct bad habits, as well as improve your form and swing. We can also provide a full outfitting service and advise you on what to expect at your first driven bird shoot. Our high tower clays and simulated driven bird flurry field are ideal facilities to practice your technique.


Our head instructor will take a full set of your measurements to see how we can adjust your gun to improve your shooting. Our gunsmiths can also take those measurements to create a fully custom stock for you.

NSCA Instructor Certification

Learn from the best of the best! Every year we offer the NSCA Level 1 and Level 2 instruction programs at our training center, for those who wish to receive their instructor certificate.

NJFW Live Fire

We host monthly dates for the live fire test as part of the New Jersey Fish & Wildlife Hunter Education program. These can be booked via the NJFW website.


We offer an extensive range of rifle services, from introductory lessons to safari preparation. Our state-of-the-art firearms range/shooting range is the longest in New Jersey and features big game animal targets with life-size vital zones out to 900 yards.

Private Lessons

Each lesson is tailored towards your goals, from beginners wishing to learn more about long range shooting to hunters looking to dial in scope or analyze ballistic data charts. Our instructors will structure your learning around our unique range of facilities, to give you the skills you need in a safe and fun environment.

Group Classes

We run several rifle classes throughout the year, ranging from teaching beginners how to zero their rifle to advanced long distance precision shooting skills. Dates for these classes can be found on our events calendar – let us know if you would prefer to organize a corporate event.

Rifle Excursion

This half-day course provides the perfect opportunity to make sure you’re ready for your next hunt. We start with data gathering and a gear review, before taking you out to specially designed target setups where we can provide realistic hunting scenarios.

Rifle Setup

With over 100 years of rifle building and outfitting knowledge, we can help guide you through the process of putting together the perfect rifle system for you, and then dialing it in at our outdoor range.


We offer handgun lessons to students aged 21+ at our four outdoor ranges, with distances from 15 to 55 yards.

Private Lessons

From beginner basic handgun training to advanced classes, tactical training, personal safety, or permit-to-carry training – we tailor our lesson to your individual goals.

Group Classes

We run several classes each year – Handgun Level 1 is designed to give you a thorough introduction to basic pistol safety and operation, while Handgun Level 2 builds on your shooting fundamentals while engaging moving targets from multiple positions. We have also just introduced a new Permit To Carry class in light of recent changes to NJ law.


Our full-service archery department offers lessons for all ability levels as well as youth lessons, plus custom bow setups, tuning, and demos. Events and a monthly summer 3-D league take place on our 12-station archery course.


Beginner lessons cover the basics of archery with an emphasis on safety. Our instructors will give you a thorough grounding in the handling and mechanics of your bow, before moving on to form, stance and technique.

We also offer youth lessons as well as a dedicated youth program every summer, with clinics provided by the Tri-State Youth Safety and Shooting Education Foundation.

For those with more experience, we can also help you improve your technique and skills by correcting any bad habits or diagnosing equipment issues, assisting with hunting preparation and providing gear recommendations


Our full-time bow technician offers custom bow setup or tune-ups, adjustments, restringing and tuning, accessory installation, string services, arrow cutting and more.

Fly Fishing

Our fly-fishing lessons take place on the picturesque banks of Bear Pond, next to Lake Hopatcong. Lessons are tailored to beginners and begin with a gear review and demonstration. Students are then invited to assemble and rig their fly rods and begin casting practice on the lawn.

Once you are comfortable with the technique, our instructors will move you to the warm water pond where you’ll practice casting with flies, learn more about different tools and techniques, and hopefully catch your first fish!


Our Shooting Academy works hand in hand with our events team to provide a truly unique experience here at Griffin & Howe. From large group charity events to small corporate outings, and short excursions to sit-down dinners, we can help you put together a fun day of shooting sports for all ability levels.

Booking Information

Please note that our facilities are available by instruction only. Lessons must be booked in advance. All lessons take place at our Hudson Farm facilities at 270 Stanhope Sparta Rd, Andover NJ 07821.

Lesson Pricing

All instruction at the Griffin & Howe Shooting Academy is $200 per hour, not including targets or ammunition. Please note that this pricing is per hour, not per student – each lesson can have up to four attendees.


We have rental firearms, bows and fly rods available for all lessons. Rentals are $37.50 per lesson; please let us know when booking if a rental is required.

Dress Code

No blue jeans, t-shirts, or open-toed shoes, please. Golf attire and shorts are acceptable.

How to Book

Please call us on 973-398-2670 or email