Fit and finish of fine firearms, down to the very last detail, is our specialty. Griffin & Howe offers a range of engraving services at our gunsmithing facility in Andover NJ. From simple ovals to full custom pieces, our in-house engraver will work with you to create the ideal personal touch to your firearm

Types of Engraving

Custom Engraving Projects and Commissions

We will work with you one on one to design a true masterpiece that you can add to your collection, or complete that one dream project that you have always wanted to show off. We offer a wide variety of scrolls from English Roses and Scroll, Classic American Scroll, Germanic style, deep relief, or a full custom-themed layout at your request.

The process begins with a discussion of the design, where you can provide as much input as you like or bring photos of design examples you like. If you’re stuck for ideas, we can provide a range of styles and suggestions. Once we have an idea of the overall goal, step one is the layout and design of the project, where we will send you a rough draft drawing for approval.

The next step is annealing and metal polishing if necessary, followed by the layout of the final design on the piece, and then finally the cutting process. After all cutting is done, we end with the metal finishing process, involving either bluing or case hardening and final reassembly for the piece.

Gold or Silver Oval Engraving

Add your custom initials or family crest to your firearm, and create a truly bespoke piece that stands out against the rest – how better to complete your bespoke gun or favorite upland or sporting companion? Griffin and Howe’s oval services include the removal of old ovals and installation of new ovals, inletting the oval before we engrave your choice of design. We have a range of fonts, styles and designs for you to choose from, or we can work with you to create a custom design.

Restoration Engraving

Full restoration engraving involves bringing the old back to new. We offer everything in-house to complete your restoration needs, from annealing the action to polishing, then re-engraving the existing pattern and final bluing.

Checkered Bolt Knobs

If you want to bring new life to your rifle or add a beautiful customized touch, we offer a five-panel checkered bolt knob design, which offers extra grip and functionality with a beautifully detailed flower design.

Precious Metal Inlays

We offer gold, silver or platinum wire inlays. A simple precious metal border can make your firearm stand out. Full animal gold inlays are another option we can offer.

Knife engraving

We are able to engrave knives that feature a metal frame or a handle with a bolster. Whether you’re looking for a unique gift, want to create a one-off piece for your collection, or just personalize your tools, we can create a customized design for you.

A History of Engraving at Griffin & Howe

Engraving has been an integral part of Griffin & Howe since the company’s beginnings. Some of the finest rifles built by us have also featured some of the finest engraving in the world.

Three renowned engravers that truly stand out in our legacy are Rudolph Kornbrath, Joseph Fugger and Winston Churchill. Kornbrath was born in Austria in 1877, migrated to Connecticut in 1910, and engraved guns there as an independent artist until passing away in 1946. Fugger also began his engraving career in Austria until he came to the US in 1924 and worked with Kornbrath for several years. Fugger eventually went on to become the Master Engraver at Griffin & Howe in NYC, where his work shows a strong influence by Kornbrath. His apprentice from 1989 onwards was Churchill, who eventually took over Fugger’s spot upon retirement in 1972. Churchill is now considered one of the finest engravers of all time.

The process itself has changed very little over the past 100 years, with a few modern modifications to the art. With upgrades involving microscopes and air-assisted handpieces, we can take the old to new by refining shading and details that couldn’t be achieved years ago.

Griffin & Howe has evolved throughout the 20th and 21st centuries, seeking to combine the heritage of traditional techniques with cutting-edge technological advancements.

Our Engraver

Our in-house engraver Chris Rossiter is no different, seeking to retain the classic look we are known for and produce quality engraving whilst also modernizing and updating the style to match the products that appeal to new generations of shooters.

Chris was inducted into the American Custom Gunmakers Guild in 2021, has completed over 100 hours of training with various Master Engravers and has spearheaded several unique engraving projects since joining the team at Griffin & Howe.

Chris began his career in engraving when his brother, Griffin & Howe shop foreman and head stock maker Dan Rossiter, purchased some engraving tools for his old shop. As Dan did not have the time to dedicate to learning engraving, Chris decided to pick up the tools and give it a try. Taking to it instantly, Chris signed up for his first course at GRS Engraving School in Kansas and a career was born.

Since then, Chris has taken classes with Master Engraver Otto Carter, Master Engraver Brian Powley to learn more about gold inlay, Master Engraver Lee Griffiths to work on layout and design, and Master Engraver Jim Blair. He aims to present his work to the Firearms Engraving Guild of America to achieve his Master Engravers certificate.

Griffin & Howe Engraving Style

Having been with Griffin & Howe for over two years, Chris has plans to evolve the traditional Griffin & Howe engraving style by maintaining the classic look and attention to detail, whilst modernizing the older style scroll by including fine shading to add a more three-dimensional look. He also hopes to give back to the gunsmithing community by offering courses focusing on drawing, layout and basic cutting, to encourage a new generation of engravers.


To find out more, get a quote on pricing, or schedule a visit to discuss a custom design, call us on on 973-398-2670 or email gunsmithing@griffinhowe.com.