Fly Fishing Instruction

Fly Fishing Instruction

Continuing in the classic sporting tradition, the latest addition to the Griffin & Howe Shooting Academy is our Fly Fishing department.

Beginner, novice, intermediate and seasoned anglers are all welcome to experience fly fishing classes here at our Hudson Farm property. We are open to the public 7 days a week all year round, and can provide private instruction as well as small group lessons for up to 4 people.

Fly fishing classes are hosted by expert instructors from NJ Northern Trout Unlimited, and will cover the fundamentals of theory and mechanics. For the more experienced angler, lessons can be tailored towards your personal goals, whether you need casting practice or want to learn more about the intricacies of fly tying.

Our Facilities

The Grounds
Take in the breathtaking scenery at Hudson Farm, the largest private property in NJ. We have access to local waters where clients can fish for bass, or just practice casting.

Griffin & Howe is proud to provide bespoke, top of the line equipment from Thomas & Thomas and Hatch Reels for all fly fishing clients.

A purveyor of elite fly rods since 1969, Thomas and Thomas offer a top-end lineup of fresh and saltwater rods in a variety of lengths and weights for the fly angler. Built by a select group of skilled rod-building artisans in their Greenfield MA factory, all Thomas and Thomas fly rods are 100% American made. From the raw material preparation to the final layer of varnish, each step in the process is performed by a specialist with years of experience. Their relentless pursuit of innovation, superior quality and uncompromising performance has led to their creation of the world’s finest handcrafted fly rods.

Since 2003, Hatch Outdoors has been tirelessly pursuing the creation of a fly-fishing reel that sets the bar for all other manufacturers, and pushing the limits of innovation with the creation of award-winning products such as their Nomad Pliers and Nippers. A proud family owned and operated business, Hatch Outdoors uses the highest quality materials and machining techniques to create their fly-fishing reels.

Fly Rods will be available to use for both right and left handed casting.


Griffin & Howe hosts a range of charity events and private corporate events on site, starting in Spring through late November each year. If you’re tired of the same old team-building or fundraising dinners, we offer truly unique half-day and full-day event packages. Build your perfect outdoor adventure with us and choose from a range of experiences such as fly-fishing, shotgun, rifle, handgun and archery.

Customized corporate or individual programs continue to be our specialty.

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Fly Fishing Lessons

Introduction To Fly Fishing Classes

Our private lessons are primarily targeted at beginners. Learn the basics of fly fishing and build your skill level in a relaxed and fun environment, with experienced instructors to give you personal attention.

To start, your instructor will teach you the basic differences between a fly rod and spinning rod. Students will get a demo on how to assemble and rig your rod, how to attach a new leader and how to tie on a fly, with explanations on all the fundamentals of the rod, reel, line and leader. Once complete, the students will get to assemble and rig their own fly rod.

The casting portion of the lesson also begins with a demonstration of basic casting, followed by individual casting instructions done on a grass field to ensure the proper motions and mechanics are learned.

Each student should eventually be able to successfully cast about 25 to 30 feet of fly line. We’ll touch on the techniques of a few basic casts, to make sure each participant will be able to cast and attempt to catch a fish once the event moves to the fishing portion of the lesson.

Finally, we’ll move on to casting on a warm water pond with flies. As you practice your new skills, we’ll talk you through different types of flies, fly selection and what they’re used for, and how to fish with them.

If all goes well and you hook a fish, we’ll show you how to fight, land and safely release the fish back into the water unharmed.
All the flies and necessary gear will be provided by our instructors, and all fish caught must be released immediately.

Advanced Lessons

If you’re already familiar with the sport of fly fishing and want to take a more detailed fly fishing class, we can customize our lesson based on what you want to learn. Whether it’s learning how to tie your own flies, practicing tie knots or improving your casting techniques, let our booking team know and our instructors will tailor their lesson around your priorities.


Fly Fishing Store

We have a limited range of hand-picked fly fishing clothing and accessories for sale in our new 24,000 sq ft. retail showroom.


Fly fishing is the oldest form of sport fishing known to man, and involves attempting to catch fish with an almost weightless artificial known as a fly.

While you can fly fish for just about any swimming fish, fly fishing is a particularly effective method of catching trout, due to the fact that aquatic insects make up most of their natural diet and are readily available to them throughout the year. The technique of fly fishing is to realistically imitate these insects more than is possible with any other fishing methods.

Start with a fly rod, then a tapered fly line (not level fly line), a fly reel, leader, and some flies. We also recommend polarized sunglasses which allow you to see into the water better by cutting through the glare on the surface. Finally, a good hat with a wide brim will help avoid sunburn, as well as help to protect your ears and the back of your head from an errant fly cast.

A good fishing vest will help you to manage your gear comfortably, such as a fly box, a hook hone for sharpening your flies, fly floatant for dry flies, and a snip and zinger.

Lastly, waders can give you a great range of mobility to achieve the best angles for fishing and to get away from the trees behind you. There are plenty of different types depending on what locations and temperatures you plan to fish.

The leader is usually made from monofilament or braided nylon, and sits between the fly and the fly line. Typically tapered, leaders can vary in length from three feet to over 20 feet.

The leader is much thinner and harder to see than the fly line, and allows you to easily tie a fly on when matched to the size of the fly you’re using. In contrast, the fly line is thicker and much more visible.

When fly fishing correctly, you can catch almost any species of fish, as they will usually take a fly over a bait. From freshwater fish like trout, salmon and bass, to marine species like striped bass, redfish and tarpon… you can even fish for the bottom swimmers such as fluke, flounder and ray if you can sink your flies down.

Lesson Fees

Please note our lesson pricing is per hour, not per student. Each lesson can have up to four attendees.
Fly Fishing Instruction – $200 per hour
10 Hour Lesson Package – $1,800 (package discount of $180 per hour)
Half-Day Instruction – $750

Rentals are available for $37.50 per lesson.


To find out more about what we have to offer or to book a lesson, contact us on 973-398-2670 or email Please note we do not accept walk ins, lessons must be booked in advance. Our dress code is golf attire; no blue jeans or t-shirts please.