Custom Products

Griffin & Howe Custom Rifle Mounts and Rings

Explore Griffin & Howe’s exquisite custom rifle accessories all made in-house, featuring the new M1C Garand mount and Highlander rifle rings. Elevate your shooting experience with precision-engineered equipment.

The M1C Garand Mount: A Legacy Reimagined

Revive the classic M1C Garand with our state-of-the-art mount, meticulously designed to seamlessly integrate with your rifle. Crafted from aerospace-grade aluminum, it ensures lightweight durability without compromising on stability.

Highlander Rifle Rings: Masterful Elegance, Unyielding Strength

Precision-crafted for the discerning marksman, our Highlander Rifle Rings are a testament to Griffin & Howe’s commitment to excellence. Each ring is a fusion of artistry and engineering, designed to secure your optics with unmatched precision.

Our Promise

In addition to the M1C Garand Mount and Highlander Rifle Rings, we offer a diverse selection of custom rifle accessories and upgrades, including scopes, stocks, and bespoke engravings. Elevate your shooting experience with Griffin & Howe.

How to Purchase

Please email or call 973-398-2670.