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Checkering & Recut Checkering

Checkering is intricate rows of parallel grooves that cross at a predetermined angle to form small diamond shapes; this allows the shooter to have a better grip during wet or otherwise slippery conditions. The exact pattern can be as unique as a fingerprint.

Here at Griffin & Howe, we can add new checkering on your firearm or provide re-checkering where a stock has been refinished, damaged or suffers from worn checkering. We strive for straight lines and uniformity in all our custom checkering work and can offer a selection of different styles based on your preference. Here are a few basic types that serve as the foundation for most forms of checkering seen today.

Pointed Checkering

The most common form of standard checkering. The grooves are hand-cut under a 90-degree angle, and the diamonds are sharply pointed to provide a good solid grip to the shooter. These can feel somewhat sharp over a long shooting session with a heavy recoiling gun.

English Flattop Checkering

Grooves are hand cut under a zero-degree angle. This method is seen primarily in older, English guns and is not as common in newer firearms. While the checkering is not sharp, it also fills easily with debris which hinders grip.

Semi Flat-top Checkering

Grooves are hand-cut under a 60-degree angle. Not sharp like the pointed checkering, nor flat and prone to clogging as the true flat-top style, but a good balance of function and feel to the shooter.

Custom Checkering Patterns

Different styles of pattern can be used to give you your preferred look and feel to your rifle or shotgun. Fill-in pattern, fancy checkering, angular pattern, wrap-around pattern and fish scale checkering are a few of the most common. We utilize the 22 line per inch point pattern and have done so for 100 years – though the hands are different, the artistry and attention to detail have remained the same for a century.

If you want to request a custom design or have an idea for something different, we can schedule a consultation with you. Feel free to bring samples or photos of the styles you like, and we can work with you to determine the overall style and patterns.


All pricing for re-cut checkering (required when refinishing) and new stock checkering is available upon request.