Archery Instruction

Archery Lessons

Welcome to the Griffin & Howe Archery department. As the newest addition to the USA's oldest Shooting Academy, we are proud to offer a complete archery service, from lessons to outfitting. We offer private archery lessons at all levels, from beginners to experienced hunters.
We have a fantastically equipped outdoor archery range open to the public from 9 am - 5 pm Monday through Sunday, for private instruction as well as small group archery lessons for up to 4 students per instructor.
The facilities at our New Jersey school are complemented by our knowledgeable team of sales staff, a wide selection of archery equipment available for sale in our Showroom, and a full-service archery workshop for bow tuning, arrow cutting and more. As well as private instruction and classes, we offer a full outfitting service where we can set you up with a complete equipment package or apparel for your hunt.

Our Facilities

Whether you're a new archer looking for an alternative to paper, a competition 3-D shooter, or a seasoned hunter looking to sharpen your skills and prep for an adventure, our outdoor range has something for you.

Indoor Archery Range

Come and experience the latest in indoor 3-D archery technology at the Griffin & Howe showroom!

The new Griffin & Howe indoor archery range is available for open shooting without instruction, from 9am - 5pm 7 days a week, for both standard shooting lanes and use of our new 4-D simulator.

Range Fees for 4D Simulator
$35 per half hour 
$70 per hour

Range Fees for Standard Lanes (4 lanes available)
$10 per half hour
$20 per hour
$70 per hour for all 4 lanes


Practice Station

A 40-yard practice station is the starting point of our training center, with three towers of varying elevation that provide target presentations from distances of 10 to 40 yards. We also have a workshop with a bench and tools for you to dial in your gear, and a chronograph for you to check arrow speed in fps.

12 Station Archery Course

The range features a 12-station course, where archers walk through the woods to get from station to station. Each station has both a novice and tournament target presentation; novice targets are a maximum of 30 yards, while tournament targets range as far as 80 yards.

The range is designed to provide legitimate hunting situations by mimicking natural habitat scenarios. One station might have you shooting seated from a brushed-in ground blind, while another allows you to shoot from high elevation while navigating obstacles. Each target is designed to encourage critical thinking about shot placement and angle analysis.


All targets are from the archery industry's highly respected Rinehart Targets brand. At our practice range you'll find their foam blocks and cubes for sighting in, as well as 3-D self-healing foam animal targets. We also have animal targets at each station on the archery course, ranging from small game to dinosaurs!


Did you know we host private events on-site? If you're tired of the same old team-building for your business or want to create a truly special once-in-a-lifetime event, we offer a range of packages that also include options for shotgun, handgun and rifle instruction.

Each participant will begin with an introduction to the handling, safety, and mechanics of compound bows, followed by an 11-step demo with universal fitting Genesis bows to establish basic form and stance.

Next up is live fire and learning to draw, aim and release at our practice range. Finally, we’ll take participants on a tour through some of the stations on the course so they can have a chance to shoot at 3D animal targets.

Make your corporate event one of a kind with an experience at the Griffin & Howe Shooting Academy.


Hunting Preparation
Gear Adjustment and Equipment Review


Many people who come to us for archery classes are completely new to the sport, and we welcome students of all ages and abilities to come and take private archery lessons with us. Our goal is to introduce you to the initial aspects of archery, give you the confidence to safely handle your equipment, and encourage you to develop your skills by learning the basic fundamentals.

Our archery instructors will talk you through the objectives of your lesson, covering the handling and mechanics of the equipment with an emphasis on safety. From there you'll work on your form and stance, before learning how to draw, aim and release on the outdoor ranges.

Universal fitting Genesis bows are provided for each student, however you are welcome to bring your own equipment.


We offer archery lessons tailored specifically for kids, however parents must be in attendance. Please see our page on Youth Programs for the latest info and listings. Each Summer we also offer regular archery clinics and programs through the Tri-State Youth Safety and Shooting Education Foundation. The archery program is located here at Griffin & Howe, and focuses on proper handling and maintenance as well as the development of archery skills. Each class covers the basics of shooting and marksmanship including stance, shooting form and eye dominance, with an emphasis on safety.

Some of the best instructors in the country will be teaching archery in this program, many of whom have gone through this very program when they were kids. Griffin & Howe strives to create a safe and positive environment to provide the very best conditions for beginner archers to foster their skills.

Learn more about youth programs here.

Hunting Preparation

Griffin & Howe provides unique opportunities for adult archers looking to prepare for a hunt. Whether you're looking to practice specific types of shots such as long-distance shooting or elevated shooting, we have stations specifically designed to mimic real hunting scenarios.

Taking lessons with us can give you the chance to improve your technique, sight in your bow, correct any bad habits or issues you may be having, and provide recommendations for upgrading your gear.

Gear Adjustment and Equipment Review

Our NJ Showroom features a full archery department for outfitting, building and cutting arrows, even providing demos for you to test on the archery range - interested clients are invited to come out to the range and test new bows. We can also provide more technical lessons, giving you the opportunity to learn how to use specific products. Our archery staff are passionate about the sport and thrive on sharing their knowledge and experience with you.


Archery Leagues

Griffin & Howe Winter Indoor Archery Leagues

These two new weekly leagues will run every Tuesday and Thursday at 5pm for 11 weeks, starting on January 16th and January 18th. Up to 4 teams of 4 shooters per night, with the first week setting each person's handicap. Vegas style scoring with a three-spot target. Prizes for each league will be based on the top 8 scores per shooter.

Compound, recurve or long bows only. $150 per person (includes all 11 dates).

Click here to visit our event calendar and sign up!

Griffin & Howe Annual 3D Archery League

Each year we host a monthly outdoor 3D archery league here at our archery range in New Jersey. Dates run from April through September, and all are welcome to join us for a fun and competitive afternoon of shooting with prizes to follow! The season ends with an exciting finale and a BBQ with drinks.

Click here to sign up via our event calendar.


Please note our lesson cost is per hour, not per student. Each lesson can have up to four attendees.
Archery Instruction - $200 per hour
10 Hour Lesson Package - $1,800 (package discount of $180 per hour)
Outdoor 3D Archery League - $35 per person, per date
Indoor Archery League - $150 per person, includes all 11 dates
Rentals are available for $37.50 per lesson/shoot.


To find out more about what we have to offer or to book lessons with us, contact us on 973-398-2670 or email Our hours are 9am - 5pm, 7 days a week. Please note we do not accept walk ins, and lessons must be booked in advance. We ask clients to please dress appropriately at the archery range; closed toe shoes are required and our dress code is golf attire; no blue jeans or t-shirts.


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