Privacy Policies

Griffin & Howe, Inc. (the “Company”) is in the business of manufacturing, repairing, and maintaining guns, selling guns, and educating beginners, marksmen, and everyone in between in the skills necessary to use firearms (the “Business”). We recognize and acknowledge our responsibility to conduct business in a manner that reflects your right to privacy. Therefore, we want you to know about our procedures for protecting your privacy, as well as your rights and responsibilities when using this website. This policy explains how we handle data, including what we collect and how we obtain it, how we use it, when and if we disclose it, and your options for managing your data with Company. In general, we obtain your data when you visit our website.

This website is not intended for the use of minors. If we determine that you are under the age of thirteen, we reserve the right to remove you from our database and contact your parents/guardians to advise them of your use of the website.

As used herein, the term website refers to all websites owned or operated by Company. If you visit our website and do not sign up for any information or otherwise directly provide us with personally identifiable information such as your name, you are a visitor (“Visitor”) and the only information we will collect from you is system usage information that is not personally identifiable and enables us to evaluate the use and performance of our website.

If you visit our website and provide us with personally identifiable information by (i) signing up for a mailing or subscriber list, (ii) scheduling a shooting lesson in shotgun or rifle marksmanship or such other lessons as Company offers, (iii) contacting the gunsmith to discuss work on a gun or schedule such work, (iv) schedule a visit to the showroom, or (v) submitting an inquiry or requesting information on any of the products or services that Company offers or (vi) purchasing a product or service, you are a potential customer (“Potential Customer”) and we will use that information to stay in contact with you and as further described in this policy. If you proceed to the purchase of one or more products or services, you are a customer (“Customer”) and we collect additional information (e.g. credit card information for processing of payment).

Some information is collected from Visitors, Potential Customers and Customers using commonly used automated information-gathering tools. This includes capturing standard information from your Web browser (such as browser type and browser language), information about your device’s operating system, referring URL (if any), your Internet Protocol address (“IP address”), your activity on the website, and the actions you take on and within Company website (such as the pages viewed and the links clicked).

Company uses the following tools to capture such information and to facilitate your visit to our websites. Some of these tools, such as cookies, can be blocked by adjusting the privacy settings on your browser. Doing so may prevent us from providing you with a demo or free trial.


Cookies are text files containing small amounts of information that are downloaded to your computer or mobile device when you visit a website and are stored in your browser. Cookies are then sent back to the originating website on each subsequent visit. Company uses cookies to make your interactions with our websites easy and meaningful. When you visit one of our websites, Company’s servers send a cookie to your computer or the device you are using to access the website. Standing alone, cookies do not personally identify you; they merely recognize your Web browser. Unless you choose to identify yourself as a Potential Customer, you remain anonymous when visiting our websites. Some browsers may allow you to manage the use of cookies. Check under help in your browser if you wish to do so. Please note, however, that without cookies, you may not be able to take full advantage of what Company offers.

There are two types of cookies: session-based and persistent-based. Session cookies exist only during one session. They disappear from your computer when you close your browser software or turn off your computer. Persistent cookies remain on your computer after you close your browser or turn off your computer.

If you have chosen to identify yourself to Company and you are a Potential Customer, we can uniquely identify you as you navigate our websites by using session cookies containing encrypted information. For example, each time you request an offer or promotion by providing your contact information, a session cookie containing an encrypted, unique identifier that is tied to you is placed on your browser. It enables us to process your online requests. If you sign up for demo, free trial, email list, notification request, newsletter or other services available from our website, the use of session cookies is required and a request not to track such session cookies will be treated as a request to remove you from whatever you have signed up for with us. We will confirm that request before removing anything.

Company uses persistent cookies that only we can read and use to identify browsers that have previously visited the Company website. When you provide us with any personal information, a unique identifier associated with a persistent cookie placed on your Web browser is assigned to you. A request that we stop using persistent cookies will also be treated as a request to remove you from whatever you have signed up for with us. We will confirm that request before removing anything.

We are especially careful about the security and confidentiality of the information stored in persistent cookies. For example, we do not store account numbers or passwords in persistent cookies.

Third Party Cookies

From time-to-time, Company may engage third parties to track and analyze non-personally identifiable usage and volume statistical information from Visitors and Customers who visit our website. Company also uses other third-party cookies to track the performance of our website, video views, and the ways you may engage with us.

Web Beacons

Company uses web beacons alone or in conjunction with cookies to compile information about Visitors’ usage of our website and your interactions with email and/or SMS messages that we have sent you. Web beacons are clear electronic images that can recognize certain types of information on your computer, such as cookies, when you have viewed a particular website tied to the web beacon. For example, Company sometimes places web beacons on website pages that notify us when you click on the link on that website page that directs you to one of our partner sites. Company uses web beacons to operate and improve our website and SMS communications.

IP Addresses

When you visit our website, we collect your Internet Protocol (“IP”) address to track and aggregate your non-personally identifiable information. For example, we use IP addresses to monitor the regions from which Visitors navigate our website.

We do not knowingly collect any personal information directly from children under the age of 13. If you are a parent or legal guardian and believe your child has given us personal information, you can contact us at and we will take appropriate steps to investigate and address the issue.

Data We May Collect

We are required to tell you the categories of personal information that we collect from you before we start collecting such information from you. The list below identifies the information collected from Visitors and from Potential Customers – i.e. persons who provide us with personal information as described above in this Privacy Policy. There is a separate Privacy Policy for those who become actual customers of Company.

  • Real Name
  • Alias
  • Postal Address
  • Unique Personal Identifier
  • Online Identifier
  • Internet Protocol Address
  • e-mail Address
  • Account Name (and Password associated with account)
  • Social Security Number
  • Driver’s License Number
  • Passport Number
  • State Identification Card Number for Non-Drivers
  • Credit Card Account Numbers
  • Any of the categories of personal information described in California Code 1798.80 as Personal Information including any information that identifies, relates to, describes, or is capable of being associated with, a particular individual, but it does not include publicly available information that is made available to the general public from federal, state or local government records (we do not repeat those listed above in numbers 1-12).
  • Telephone number (Listed in 1798.80)
  • Insurance policy number (Listed in 1798.80)
  • Education (Listed in 1798.80)
  • Employment History (Listed in 1798.80)
  • Current Employment (Listed in 1798.80)
  • Bank Account Number (Listed in 1798.80)
  • Credit Card Number (Listed in 1798.80)
  • Debit Card Number (Listed in 1798.80)
  • Other Financial Information (Listed in 1798.80)
  • Medical Information (Listed in 1798.80)
  • Health Insurance Information (Listed in 1798.80)
  • Characteristics of protected classifications under California or Federal law.
  • Commercial information, including records of personal property, products or services purchased, obtained or considered, or other purchasing or consuming histories or tendencies.
  • Biometrics Information
  • Internet or other electronic network activity information, including, but not limited to, browsing history, search history and information regarding a consumer’s interaction with an internet website, application or advertisement
  • GeoLocation Data
  • Audio, electronic, visual, thermal, olfactory or similar information
  • Professional Information
  • Education information, defined as information that is not publicly available personally identifiable information as defined in the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (20 U.S.C. § 1232g; 34 C.F.R. Part 99).
  • Inferences drawn from any of the information identified in this subdivision to create a profile about a consumer reflecting the consumer’s preferences, characteristics, psychological trends, predispositions, behavior, attitudes, intelligence, abilities and aptitudes.
  • Federal, State and local licenses or registrations not listed above.

How We Use Personal Data

We use your personal data as well as the information that we obtain from tools such as cookies and web beacons to evaluate our website and decide what changes are necessary, as well as to develop new features and to market and promote our services. More specifically, for marketing, we may use information you provide to contact you to further discuss your interest in our services or to send you information about us and our partners, promotions and events. We may also use it to put you directly in touch with our partners.

We also may aggregate or otherwise alter information that is collected on the website so that it does not identify your device and cannot be reasonably linked to your device. Once so aggregated and sanitized, we may share such information with third parties for research or commercial purposes (e.g. analyzing trends). We may retain such data that no longer identifies you indefinitely.

With Whom We Share Data

We do not sell your personal data to anyone. If you are a Potential Customer, we may share your information with our partners. Our partners are businesses that offer services related to the services that we offer that we believe may enhance the use of our services or that may complement our services by providing something additional that our services do not provide. We also may share personal data with third parties that we engage to assist us in the operation of our business or provision of our services. These third parties may include companies that support our advertising programs, provide data storage, assist with audience research and service development, facilitate the delivery of materials to you via e-mail, other electronic communications platforms or postal service, and process your requests (e.g. request for demo) but not with anyone else. All such third parties are contractually bound to keep the data confidential.

If we go through a corporate sale, merger, reorganization, dissolution or similar event, your personal data may be part of the assets that are transferred or shared in connection with the due diligence for such transaction. If we are acquired or the assets are transferred to a successor in interest, the acquirer or successor may have the right to use your personal data as set forth in this privacy policy.

How You Can Review Recorded Information About You

You have the right to review recorded information about you contained in our files. In order to review this information, email us at and provide us with your complete name, address, and account number. Tell us what information you would like to review, and we will send you the information within 30 days of your request. Note that with certain information, we may tell you that we have it and provide some information (e.g. last 3 digits of an account number) but will not give you the full information without first verifying who you are. In addition, we will also give you the identity of the persons or organizations to whom we have disclosed this information in the preceding year.

There are some kinds of information, however, that we will not give you access to. These types of information are collected when we evaluate a claim under an insurance policy or when the possibility of a lawsuit, fraud or misrepresentation exists.

If You Disagree With Our Records

If, after reviewing the information in your file, you believe it is incorrect, please tell us. Tell us what is inaccurate and why. You have the right to request in writing that we correct, amend or delete recorded information that you feel is incorrect.

Upon receiving your request, we will reinvestigate the information in question. If we agree with you, we will make the necessary corrections, amendments or deletions. We will also notify those persons or organizations to whom we previously disclosed the inaccurate information of the change.

If we disagree with you, we will tell you. We will give you our reasons for refusing to correct, amend or delete the information you feel is incorrect. If you are not satisfied with our refusal, you have the right to place a statement in our files explaining why you believe the information is incorrect. We ask that your statement include what you believe to be incorrect information and why you disagree with our refusal to correct it. We will place your statement in our file and send a copy of it to persons or organizations to whom we have previously disclosed your information. If and when we make any subsequent disclosure of information in your file, we will include a copy of your statement.

Request to Stop Collecting or Delete Personal Information

You also have the right to opt out of the collection of your personal information and to request that we delete your personal information. There are two ways of opting out:

You may contact us using the following telephone number to make the request: 973-398-2670.

You may email us using the e-mail address

If you request that we delete your personal information, you must provide sufficient personal information for us to find you in our database and verify your identity. For example, if you requested a demo, providing the name that the request was made under together with the date of the request and the email address that was provided would suffice. The purpose of requiring this is to verify that the person making the request for deletion is the person who provided the information. The deletion request only applies to active servers. Personal information is not required to be deleted if it is only on archive or backup servers, if such archive or backup servers are not accessible from a live system.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, there are circumstances under which we are not required to delete personal information if such personal information (1) is required to complete a transaction or fulfill a warranty or product recall; (2) if the information is needed to deal with security issues, or (3) if the information is needed to fulfill legal obligations.

Privacy Policy Limits

This Privacy Policy covers our website only. If you leave our website using a link to go to a partner’s website or some other third party’s website, you must check the privacy policy of that website as this Policy will not apply in those situations.


Company uses industry standard physical and electronic security measures to protect your personal data from unauthorized access and to maintain data accuracy. Company reviews its physical and electronic security measures at least once annually and makes such changes as it believes are necessary to maintain its security measures in accordance with industry standards. However, Company cannot guarantee the security or integrity of your personal data and shall not be liable for any breaches of security or integrity, for any third-party interception in transit or any damage caused to your computer or other property as a result of visiting our website, except to the extent required by applicable law.

Data Breach

In the event that we experience a data breach, meaning that someone who is not authorized to access your data accesses it or is believed to have accessed it, we will comply with the applicable laws of both the State of New Jersey and the state or local jurisdiction in which you reside in notifying you and if required, the appropriate governmental offices, of such breach. We will also take such actions as are required under such laws to remedy the breach.

Changes To This Privacy Policy

We reserve the right to make changes to this Privacy Policy. Where reasonably possible, we will provide at least thirty (30) days prior notice through our website of any material change to our Privacy Policy. In all cases, you will receive notice before any change takes effect and you will have the right to request that we delete and stop collecting your personal information before such change takes effect.