Buying and Selling Firearms

Gun Consignment: Buying and Selling Firearms

Griffin & Howe has been providing expert services in purchasing, trading, consignment and secure storage for 100 years. If you are looking to sell your firearms, we buy, trade and consign individual items and collections of all sizes. Perhaps you recently inherited a gun and decided you want to sell it, are managing an estate and are unsure what to do with a collection, going on vacation and want to ensure your firearms are kept safe and secure, or if you’re just looking to trade in for something new – Griffin & Howe can walk you through each process and ensure you get the best possible service and value.

Trade or Sell Your Firearms

Perhaps you have a firearm you don’t use much anymore, or you purchased something and it’s not quite what you were hoping for. Whatever the reason, a trade-in is a great opportunity to update your collection.

To make a trade, we apply two thirds of the retail value of your firearm(s) towards the purchase of another firearm in our inventory. To see what you could be trading in for, visit our online gunroom here for up-to-date listings and pricing on our current inventory.

If you are just looking to sell your firearm, if we choose to purchase outright we will pay you 50% of the retail value by check. Alternatively, we can also sell items on your behalf for a commission – see more in the section on consignment below.

Please note - due to the difficulty of providing evaluations through pictures, we require all guns for sale or trade to be brought in person or shipped to our store in Andover NJ.

Selling Your Firearms on Consignment

Sell your guns with us! We pride ourselves on providing the very best service when it comes to offering consignment, and aim to get the best price for you while finding appropriate buyers. Griffin & Howe has consigned and sold many thousands of firearms over the years, so we know exactly how to make the process as simple and easy as possible for our clients and ensure you get a fair price.

We begin the consignment process with a detailed appraisal, to give you the most accurate valuation of your guns and what we believe they will sell for. You are welcome to bring items to our NJ facility, or ship them to us so we can appraise them in person. We can also pick up collections, depending on the size of collection and means of travel.

If you choose to ship, please include your contact information in the package, or send an email to with your package details so we can acknowledge receipt of your firearms by email. We recommend you check with your chosen shipping provider to confirm any legal requirements for shotgun, rifle or handgun shipments.

If you are happy with the consignment agreement and our proposed resale value, we will then perform a thorough surface cleaning and basic maintenance to provide the best possible retail presentation. Each item will be professionally photographed and listed on multiple websites with the ability to export to purchasers, as well as our Griffin & Howe website in our online gunroom. They will also be placed on display at our on-site Showroom here in Andover NJ to make sure they receive the widest possible audience.

Appropriate items may also be taken for display at suitable exhibitions, trade shows and game fairs - for example Dallas Safari Club, Southeastern Wildlife Exposition and ECWSF Hunting and Outdoor Expo. Our sales team will always strive to earn you the most money from any consignment sale, and may periodically follow up with you if re-evaluating the resale value is necessary to promote a final sale.


Knowing the value of your guns is priceless - whether you’re a seasoned gun owner or have recently inherited a collection. Our expertise at Griffin & Howe has featured in thousands of appraisals for estate, insurance or current market valuations. We will look at the make and model, type of gun, action and caliber, and overall condition of your firearm to help assess overall value.

No two appraisals are the same - the cost for an appraisal starts at $350 but will depend on the quantity of firearms and research required. All appraisals require the firearms to be present; you can bring them to our facility in Andover NJ or for an additional cost we can travel to you. Upon completion, you will be presented with a binding document to confirm the value of each firearm.

If you are just curious to know the current market value of your firearm but aren’t yet sure how you want to proceed, we are happy to provide a verbal appraisal at no cost to you.

Firearm Transfers & Shipping

As a Federally Licensed Firearms (FFL) dealer, we are able to accept firearm transfers for out of state purchases. There is a $85 per firearm fee plus an $18 NICS (National Instant Criminal Background Check System) check fee. Please have the seller include your contact details when shipping so we know who to contact upon arrival.

If you privately sell your firearms to an out of state resident and wish to utilize our shipping services, we can ship to an out of state registered firearms dealer for a fee of $25 per firearm plus applicable shipping charges.

Estates & Collections

We are a firm with history, creditability, integrity, experience, and in-depth knowledge of all types of firearms. Services we offer include:

• evaluation for probate, insurance, and asset evaluation

• consignment for when firearms need to be disposed of and maximum value obtained for the estate or beneficiary(s)

• we may purchase a collection if the client has a time sensitive situation, when funds are needed by the estate

• secure climate-controlled storage during settlement of an estate or marital dispute

• gunsmithing services if a collection requires cleaning and safety inspection, or to encourage maximum return if being auctioned or sold

• import/export assistance if a collection has been bequeathed overseas or vice versa

No collection is too big or too small for consignment - at Griffin & Howe we have the ability to store, purchase or consign large collections of any size.

If you are unable to store or transport your firearms, or if the collection is too difficult or large to move, Griffin & Howe will send an expert to you to perform an appraisal and offer purchase or consignment prices.

If you are in the process of managing an estate, we understand it can be time-consuming and challenging. Let us help take the weight off your shoulders with our efficient, straightforward appraisal process. Our mission is to make consignment as easy as possible, from a single firearm to a collection of hundreds, and we will take care of all the small details and legalities that come with consigning or selling a firearm collection.

Click below for a downloadable consignment agreement.

Consignment Agreement

How to purchase a firearm from Griffin & Howe


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