Custom Rifles

The Griffin & Howe gunsmithing team are always interested in new requests or challenges. We welcome customers to inquire about custom rifle projects, from recreating period rifles to building a highly accurate hunting firearm.

Traditional Griffin & Howe Custom Rifle

A Griffin & Howe classic sporter custom rifle is the foundation on which Griffin & Howe built its reputation. The style of this bolt action rifle has barely changed since Seymour Griffin and James V. Howe came together to open this heritage rifle company.

Our rifles are typically built on a Springfield, Mauser or Winchester pre-'64 model 70 action. We offer a multitude of customizations and configurations, from calibers to stock accents, scope mounting options to back up sight options, custom engraving to metal finishing, and more.

A Griffin & Howe classic sporting rifle is a chance to own the rifle of your dreams, that looks beautiful while performing to exacting standards. Ideal for long range hunting and accurate shooting. All our custom rifles are built in-house at our state-of-the-art gunsmithing shop in Andover NJ. Special features, customizations and larger caliber upgrades are available. Please allow 12-18 months for production.

Precision Rifles

Our gunsmiths are also capable of working in styles other than our traditional bolt-action rifles. If you have a particular hunting setup or aim in mind, contact us and we can work through design, components, calibers, barrel options and much more.

Customized Lever Action and Single Shot Rifles

For more unique projects, we can work with you to build custom single-shot rifles and lever-action rifles in your caliber of choice. We aim for the highest possible quality and accuracy with our finished products and always ensure our commitment to excellence is in line with the client's vision.

Recreating Period Rifles

Our team has decades of experience in recreating classic period rifles. If you're looking for a rifle built on a Winchester High Wall action, or a period-correct Rigby style stock for a Granite Mountain Arms Magnum Mouser, we can help!

How To Order

We believe that each firearm we make is a piece of art, and we love to bring our clients' visions to life. Each build requires a custom quote and timeframe. Contact us to discuss the custom firearm you've been dreaming of by emailing or calling 973-398-2670.


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