Rifle and Shotgun Recoil Pads

Many shooters struggle with the punishing effects of felt recoil. Good recoil pads can significantly reduce shoulder strain and soreness when your firearm kicks and improve your accuracy by preventing slippage on your shoulder. It can also give you a better chance at your next shot, allowing for more consistent as well as comfortable shooting - especially if you are shooting repeatedly or frequently.

The Griffin & Howe Gunsmithing shop can replace or install recoil pads for almost any shotgun or rifle, in both wood and synthetic stocks.

Purdey Pad

Griffin & Howe offers the option of Purdey Style leather-wrapped pads. These pads start with rubber butt pads and spacers, then are hand wrapped with the best quality pig belly leather.

Each pad is hand fitted to your gun for a flush fit along the sides of the stock, then affixed to your firearm with screws and plugs should you ever wish to alter the length of pull or pad style. Installation of a Purdey-style leather recoil pad includes cutting the stock to your dimensions, with any additional spacers or splices at extra cost.

English Pad

An English wrapped leather rifle or shotgun recoil pad is available to those who prefer a classic English-style finish on their gun. Each English pad begins with high-quality rubber pad, which is then wrapped in pig belly leather. These pads are glued to your stock and are slightly oversized in the classic English pad style. English Pad pricing includes a reduction of stock length to the customer's desired length of pull, with additional spacers or splices at extra cost.

Standard Recoil Pads

While Griffin & Howe can install a variety of recoil pad brands to suit your hunting and shooting needs, we have a few in-house preferences.


Pachmayr Decelerator pads are our standard go-to pad. With a long history steeped in fine gun-making, Pachmayr pads are offered in a variety of thicknesses, styles and colors.


KICK-EEZ is the only company that makes its recoil pads from Sorbothane, which can be considered superior to rubber due to its absorbent properties.

Isis Recoil System

The Isis recoil systems add very little weight to your gun, which can be a good option if you're looking for a recoil system that doesn't alter your gun's balance point.

Griffin and Howe can also quote the installation of recoil reduction systems like the Graco Gracoil, Blaser Kickstop and others upon request


Red/Orange S.W. Silver & Co - Pad and installation - $285 
 Standard Recoil Pad (installation only, pad additional) -$210
 Purdey Pad (including pad & installation) - $750 
 Recoil System Installation - Please call us for a custom quote


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