Firearm Storage Service

Griffin & Howe possesses a state-of-the-art climate-controlled storage vault to store firearms. Our storage facility is locked and video monitored even during normal business hours. We have the capacity to store individual guns as well as large collections and offer short-term and long-term firearms storage. There is no maximum amount of time your firearms can be stored with us.

Short Term Storage

Use our short-term storage services when you are looking to store your firearms on a temporary basis with the ability to remove them from storage when needed.  No background check or permits are required as you retain custody of your firearms.

Short term storage is invoiced on a reoccurring monthly basis, large lockers are $95 per month and small lockers are $55 per month.  Our large lockers typically hold up to 4-6 long guns in hard cases or 10+ in soft slips, and small lockers hold up to 4-6 handguns in hard cases.

Long Term Storage

Use our long-term storage services when you need to store your firearms for an extended period of time.  We take possession of your firearms therefore a background check along with all necessary permits are required when you wish to regain possession.

Long term storage is invoiced on a reoccurring yearly basis.  The cost is $300 per firearm per year and $7 per $1,000 value of insurance with a $1,000 deductible the customer is responsible for.  Any unused months of storage will be refunded upon removing your firearms from storage.

Common reasons for the need for firearm storage

Firearm Servicing

Let us know if you wish to have your firearms serviced by our gunsmithing department while they are in storage (eg: strip cleaned or customized) as we can provide specialty services for all types of sporting firearms. See the list of services offered by gunsmithing.

Click below for a downloadable storage agreement.

Storage Agreement


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