Griffin & Howe Gundogs Training

Griffin & Howe Gundogs is growing into one of the premier gundog kennels for wing shooters and outdoor sporting families on the East Coast. Focusing on training and breeding British labs, the number one goal of our training philosophy is to create a companion that can meet a family’s needs year-round and still have all the drive in the field. Once a dog completes our training, they’re ready to go anywhere - from the lake house to the marsh, and to the upland field.

Griffin & Howe Gundogs is conveniently located on the grounds of Hudson Farm in Andover, NJ. Our property allows for the dogs to experience plenty of bird exposure, different hunt environments, a beautiful indoor kennel facility, and a staff ready to help any new or experienced bird hunter.

Gun Dog Training Programs

All programs are $1,350 per month.

Puppy Starter Gundog Training

For dogs age 3 - 6 months

Our young dog program was designed to help groom the personality and train your puppy to be the dog you always wanted. The first six months of a puppy’s life can be the most crucial time.

Within this program, we are here to build positive confidence, teach a base of commands all dogs should know such as sitting and staying, and much more. Your puppy will remain on-site for the duration of this program.

  • Intro to feathers (if hunting dog)
  • Intro to water
  • Intro to retrieve
  • Started on sitting position, ‘stay’ and ‘no’
  • Patience at meal time
  • Crate trained
  • Car trained
  • Socialized with dogs and children
  • Basic obedience and home manners
  • Vet office manners
  • “Place” trained in home and field
  • Monthly health check-up

Started Gundog Training

For dogs age 6 - 12 months

Started Gundogs are a great option for all hunters and outdoorsmen. This course will get the dog ready for everything they might face in the blind or in the house. We start the building process for you, but you still get to learn and finish the dog's skills.

We have seen great success with clients in this program as it puts the client in charge, starts the dog on all the skills needed to take into the field, and lets you feel confident in putting your personal touches on your puppy to make him yours.

  • Live and dead birds
  • Gunfire
  • Water retrieves
  • Land retrieve out to 120 yards
  • Running doubles
  • Started on remote sit
  • Starting hand signals (back, left and right)
  • Pattern drills
  • Crate and car trained
  • Decoys trained
  • Good with other dogs and children
  • Basic home manners
  • “Place” trained in home and field
  • Monthly health check-up

Advanced Gundog

Dog must have completed a Started Gundog program and have hunted at least one season prior.

The Advanced Gundog program is a very custom package for our clients and their future gun dogs. Within this program, the dog will show to be a proven hunter, great in all public circumstances, excellent in the home, and able to meet your family’s needs.

  • Gunfire
  • Water retrieves
  • Land retrieves
  • Running triples
  • Running blinds
  • Remote sit in home and field
  • Back casting, left and right casting
  • Pattern drills
  • Crate trained
  • Car trained
  • Decoys trained
  • Good with other dogs and children
  • Top of the line home manners
  • Monthly health check-up

Additional Training Certifications

We are now proud to be able to offer certifications for handlers and canines through the American Kennel Club.

 Griffin & Howe Gundogs now offers the AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy Program, AKC Canine Good Citizen Program, AKC Advanced Community Canine and AKC Urban Canine Good Citizen. This is open to all family sporting dog breeds. These certifications can be completed through monthly dog training classes or our monthly gundog training program!


About Our Trainer

Our gundogs training service is run by professional trainer Ben Baker. Ben grew up in rural Pennsylvania and quickly developed a love for dogs, hunting, and anything outdoor-related.

After graduating from Temple University, Ben took a job in the exotic hunting industry to utilize his degree in Hospitality Management and Tourism. This led him to help manage the Ox Ranch and cemented his goal of a career in the hunting industry.

While in Dallas for the yearly Dallas Safari Club Convention, Ben was introduced to Wildrose Kennels, where he learned the craft of gundog training and started being mentored by the owner of Wildrose Texas. Wildrose Kennels is the largest importer and breeder of UK lab puppies in the United States.

After years of being educated in the old English gundog methodology, as well as hundreds of hours of field work spent with sporting dogs and guiding hunts, Ben moved to New Jersey to launch a kennel. Ben officially joined the Griffin & Howe team in 2021.

Contact Us

For more information, please email Ben Baker at


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