Tri-State Youth Safety and Shooting Education Foundation

The Griffin & Howe Shooting Academy is proud to partner with the Tri-State Youth Safety and Shooting Education Foundation. Tri State Youth has hosted classes here at Hudson Farm in NJ since 2009, and provides year-round youth programs for local students in grades 6-12 interested in learning more about shooting sports.

Founded in 2006, Tri State Youth was established by a group of parents who wanted to provide their kids with the opportunity to be safely educated and encouraged in the art of firearms. Initially the goal was to create a class to pass along this heritage of hunting and shooting, but what started as a community project quickly grew into a fully-fledged curriculum.

Winter/Spring Archery Programs

Tri-State Youth is running a series of 4-week archery programs from January through May: beginners will start with Introduction to Archery, can then move on to Intermediate Archery, and those wanting to progress can finish with Advanced Archery. To see available dates and sign up, please visit our event calendar.

Introduction To Archery

This program will introduce the fundamentals of archery with a focus on safety. Students will start with stance, bow hand-set, string hand-set and pre-draw, before learning how to draw, anchor, aim and follow through, shooting at targets up to 15 yards. All equipment will be provided.

$75 per student (usually $150) - visit our event calendar to see available dates and sign up.

Intermediate Archery

Must have completed Introduction to Archery. Students will be introduced to compound bows and learn about the equipment setup and tuning process, then work more on proper shooting posture, aiming accuracy, and shooting longer distances at 20 yards.

$87.50 per student (usually $175) - visit our event calendar to see available dates and sign up.

Advanced Archery

Must have completed Intermediate Archery and have own traditional or compound bow.** This program introduces the sport of 3D archery and how to shoot from elevated, seating and standing positions, using range-finders and understanding 3D target scoring. 

$100 per student (usually $200) - visit our event calendar to see available dates and sign up.

Summer Introduction to Shotgun



Stay tuned for Summer 2024 dates!




Stay tuned for Summer 2024 dates!

Summer Introduction to Archery



Stay tuned for Summer 2024 dates!




Stay tuned for Summer 2024 dates!



For students looking to learn how to hunt, who have already completed their workbook.


Stay tuned for Summer 2024 dates!

How To Register

Click here to download registration form

To register for a program, please call 973-398-2670 and then email this completed form to

Payment is by check only - Please mail to Tri-State Youth Safety & Shooting Education Foundation, PO Box 499, Sparta NJ 07871.

Dress Code

No blue jeans, t-shirts or sleeveless shirts – collared shirts and closed toed shoes are required. During summer months, shorts of an appropriate length are acceptable (must be at least fingertip length with hands at sides).

The dress code is strictly enforced and those not in compliance will be asked to change or not practice for the day. The dress code also applies to any parents who are spectating at their child’s practice.

Parent Notes

Parents or guardians of participating students should remain on premises during the duration of the class - you are welcome to observe the programs, but must keep at least 15 ft away.

Break open firearms only – no semi-auto or pump action. Crossbows are not allowed on the archery course.

Families with multiple children enrolled in a 6-week program are eligible for a 25% discount on the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th child. Contact us to confirm pricing


These annual programs are offered at a phenomenal value due to being funded in part by donations made to the Tri-State Youth Safety and Shooting Education Foundation.


The Tri-State Youth Safety & Shooting Education is a 501.c3 organization (EIN: 20-4663112) and is always accepting new sponsors and/or donations. If you would like to contribute, checks can be mailed to Tri State Youth, PO Box 499, Sparta NJ 07871. Please make checks payable to The Tri-State Youth Safety & Shooting Education.

Click here to donate via Paypal


"During my entire high school career, I attended the Tri-State Youth programs in the summer. Coming from a family with a history of bird hunting, it was a great opportunity to be able to learn to shoot sporting clays as practice for bird season. From there I developed an interest in sporting clays and other shooting sports too. I was able to strengthen my shooting skills from an early age, participate in competitions, and made some lifelong friends." Brad G

"As a parent, Tri-State Youth has been a great experience. My son went to national shooting championships for 3 years as a result of these programs. The instructors gave him a great foundation to hone his skills and he really got involved, getting the chance to spend time traveling the country to visit different shooting clubs." David W

"An amazing program for our boys. I can’t say enough wonderful things about the instructors and the impact they have made. Both of our sons achieved ATA All-American recognition for multiple years. So happy to see that the program has expanded to include archery." Pauline S

"My son took from this program more than I could even hope to describe. Far beyond exposure to and education about the sport, he gained a level of self-confidence that no other experience in his life could have provided. I can say without reservation that the three years he spent at Hudson Farm with Griffin & Howe changed him as an individual. He now carries himself with great pride and faith in himself, knowing that he has the ability to excel at his chosen endeavor. Shooting has given him an identity that nothing previously could. Even his successful climb to the rank of Eagle Scout did not give him the fulfillment that this program has. I realize it can be difficult to gauge the value of any philanthropic activity, especially when you are insulated from the results, but the support of this program has truly enriched the lives of these young people. They have learned how to be team players and they've learned to appreciate a wonderful, lifelong sport. This gift has immeasurable value, and I know without reservation that my son will continue this sport throughout his life." Andy F


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