Gun Stock Refinishing

Gun Stock Repair

When firearms are brought to us for repair, we start with an evaluation of the integrity of the existing gunstock. We can repair major structural damage as well as small chips or cracks.

Cracked Gun Stocks

Our experienced craftsmen can repair most stock damage, from blending minor check cracks to repairing major tang splits.

Broken Gun Stocks

In most cases we can even perform gun stock repair on stocks split through the wrist, blending the repairs into the grain of the wood. In cases where this isn’t possible, we can also provide gun fitting services so that we can restock your firearm with your custom measurements.

Alteration Services

Stock Bending

Our house-fabricated stock bender utilizes both infrared lights and steam to make the stock pliable and ‘set’ the bend in the wood. You’d be amazed how much a small adjustment to your stock can make a huge difference to your shooting.

Comb Grafts

In certain cases where a stock bend won’t achieve drop at comb and drop at heel measurements required by the client, we can perform a comb graft.

Adjustable Combs

The addition of an adjustable comb allows you to make fine adjustments to your stock. This can be useful if you’re a young shooter that’s still growing, learning a new shooting style or if you’ve been injured in a way that affects how you shoot.

Recoil Pads

We often replace cracked and damaged recoil pads during a restoration, as old pads will deteriorate quicker than stocks. We can also add a new pad to increase your length of pull, especially in the case of vintage guns which tend to be quite short.

We can provide a range of recoil pad options to suit your style and needs – visit our page on recoil pads for more information

Gun Stock Refinishing Service

Oil Finishing

We can bring weathered and worn finishes back to life with our hand-rubbed oil finish to complete your gun stock. This time-consuming process involves applying finish one coat at a time, drying overnight or longer between coats in a temperature-controlled drying cabinet.

When a lighter colored piece of wood is encountered, we use a staining red oil reminiscent of the British best gunstocks to bring out as much beauty from the wood as possible.

From matte finish to satin to a high gloss finish, we can offer a variety of options depending on the wood and the style you’re looking for.


We have the ability to strip old finishes, as well as remove original damage such as dents, dings and scratches from your well-loved shotgun or rifle. A new hand-rubbed oil finish also goes a long way to bring out the beauty of your wooden stock; this is always followed by re-cutting the checkering.


Bespoke gunstocks – price on request

1 stock bend (drop or cast) – $300

2 stock bends (drop and cast) – $400

Re-cut checkering (required when refinishing) – price on request

New stock checkering – price on request

Hand oil rubbed finish on new stock (prep work not included) – $525

Stock rub-up or refinish – price on request