Custom Gun Stocks

Custom Gun Stocks

Custom Gun Stock Makers

“The stock serves as the interface between the human and the mechanical. Perhaps this is why most people feel that walnut, a substance that was once living, is the most desirable stock material that exists.” – Dan Rossiter, Foreman and Head Stock Maker at Griffin & Howe.

At Griffin & Howe, stock making is both a passion and a specialty. Our gunsmiths believe the art of stock making is a blend of functionality and aesthetics. When properly executed it is not only a thing of beauty, but also a great aid toward successful shooting and hunting.

Shotgun Stocks

Griffin & Howe has a century’s experience in double-gun stocking. From historically correct stock making on shotguns such as classic American Double guns or Edwardian-era British guns, to stocking your favorite clay crusher – we’ve done it all.


The foundation of all custom shotguns begins with a selection of exhibition-grade wood blanks. Whether it’s American black walnut, claro walnut, Turkish walnut or Circassian walnut, we source the finest wood grades for you to choose your preference in grain, color and features.


Next comes the fit. For the upland hunter or sporting clay shooter, a custom gun stock fit is paramount and has a huge effect on the accuracy and quality of your shooting. For clients who know their dimensions, we can build your gun stock to these exacting figures.

If this is your first custom stock and you have not previously been fitted, we can arrange for an on-site fitting. Griffin & Howe boasts one of the finest gun fitters in the trade and our shooting facilities here in Andover NJ are second to none. At your custom fitting, we use a fully adjustable try-gun to get each dimension tailored perfectly for you.


Combining your aesthetic vision with your bespoke measurements, we can move on to the final details – checkering and engraving.

Rifle Stocks

Griffin & Howe Stocks

With 100 years in the custom rifle business, it goes without saying that Griffin & Howe knows rifle stocks. A traditional Griffin & Howe style stock comes with a high grade wood, our signature cheek piece and an ebony forend tip.

Stocking Rifles from Other Manufacturers

Although we work in a specific style when building our proprietary rifles, this is not always the case when stocking rifles from other makers. We are one of only a few gunsmith locations in the country who can take on stock making tasks where historical accuracy is a concern. Our expertise is well recognized in the industry and we pride ourselves on being true rifle experts.

Custom Stocks

We also welcome the opportunity to take on commissions for custom stocks. If the client wishes us to realize a particular vision for a stock design, we love to bring these visions to life.


We can source different types of walnut for stock blanks, as they come in varying quality depending on what you intend to use your rifle for – for example, we would recommend Bastogne walnut stocks for those looking to shoot a larger caliber rifle, as its closed pores and hardness allow it to take a harder recoil. Wood grades range from straight grained English walnut through to extra-fancy presentation grade.


Each element of the final detail and aesthetic is discussed thoroughly, from the type of grip to the style of checkering. We’ll walk you through finishing options such as a leather-wrapped recoil pad, steel butt plate, skeleton butt plate or checkered horn butt plate.

Ordering a Custom Stock

We will work with you throughout the decision making process to ensure you receive a custom stock that is both aesthetically stunning and perfectly matched to your dimensions.

To learn more, get a price, or schedule a site visit to our gunsmithing facility, please call us on 973-398-2670 or email