03/29/2024 12:00 pm

Guest Handgun Instructor: Daniel Horner

Guest Handgun Instructor: Daniel Horner

270 Stanhope Sparta Rd, Andover, NJ 07821

Friday March 29th and Saturday March 30th

Spaces are limited - don't miss this fantastic opportunity for a truly unique class!

Dan Horner is a former Sergeant First Class in the United States Army, serving 13 years in the Army Marksmanship Unit where he became one of the most decorated shooters in their unit’s history. One of the most prominent multi-gun shooters in the world, Dan became the first ever NRA World Shooting Champion in 2014, and is a 13-time USPSA Multi-Gun Champion, 4-time 3GN Pro Series Champion, 2-time IDPA National Champion amongst many others. He has conducted thousands of hours as the primary instructor for operators from the Joint Special Operations Command, conducting CQB and sniper training all around the world.

This class was developed to provide high performing individuals with a process oriented, actionable set of steps to manage stressful engagements, determine goals, develop a training plan, execute the training plan, and then plan for the next goal. Daniel developed this class with input from individuals at the US Army Marksmanship Unit, the Olympic Training Center, government agencies tasked with the most critical no-fail missions, and his own personal experience as a competitor and coach. 

Day one will be exclusively classroom based, and day two will be putting theory into practice at the handgun range, with basic drills and exercises to reinforce the principles of setups, mental preparation and mental management.

If time allows, Daniel will also cover rifle setups and layouts; attendees are encouraged to bring their rifles to discuss individual setups and purpose.


Friday March 29th
12pm: Registration, followed by classroom session in the Griffin & Howe Showroom
6pm: Dinner at the Hudson Farm Main House
Overnight stay on-site at Hudson Farm (optional)

Saturday March 30th
8.30am: Breakfast in the Griffin & Howe Showroom
9am: Instruction at the Griffin & Howe handgun range
12pm: Return to the Griffin & Howe Showroom

• Semi-automatic handgun
• Minimum of 4 magazines 
• 200 rounds of ammunition (can be purchased from the Griffin & Howe Showroom, please request upon booking)
• Holster
• Eye and ear protection
• Baseball cap
• Note taking gear

$1,000 per person. Includes dinner, optional overnight accommodation and breakfast. This class is being offered as a fundraiser for the Marine Scholarship Foundation. Any cancellations must be made more than 72 hours in advance to receive full refund.

Please note the handgun range is outdoors. Dress code: no blue jeans, t-shirts or open-toed shoes please.
Must be age 21 or over to register for this course. ALL HANDGUNS AND MAGAZINES MUST COMPLY WITH NEW JERSEY LAWS.

Registration is open until
03/25/2024 8:30 am

Registration Form

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