04/10/2024 9:00 am

Permit to Carry Class

Permit to Carry Class

270 Stanhope Sparta Rd, Andover, NJ 07821

Wednesday April 10th 2024

Due to recent US Supreme court rulings, residents of NJ are now able to apply for and obtain a New Jersey Permit to Carry (PTC) License. Griffin & Howe is proud to offer a 4-hour qualification course to fulfill the training requirements needed to submit a PTC application. Students will be provided with a PTC Application Package and a Certificate of Completion upon qualifying.

Course Itinerary

Our PTC class begins with registration and classroom instruction covering use of force and NJSA guidelines. Attendees then proceed to the handgun range for training, and finish with a live fire qualification. To pass, a score of 80% or over must be achieved.

9am: Registration and classroom instruction covering use of force and NJSA guidelines
10.30am: Proceed to handgun range for training
11.30am: Live fire qualification. Must pass with 80% or better.

• One handgun you intend to carry. Firearm must be owned
• Minimum of 2 magazines – we recommend 4 magazines or moon clips
• 50 rounds of ammunition
• Holster (strong side directional holsters and appendix holsters only - small of back, crossdraw, shoulder and ankle holsters are not to be used)
• Magazine holster optional
• Concealment garment such as a button-down shirt, shooting vest or jacket
• Eye and ear protection
• Refillable water bottle
• Baseball cap

$300 per person. Class runs from 9am - 1pm. All attendees must bring valid FID card and NJDL.
Dress code: no blue jeans or t-shirts please.
Must be age 21 or over to register for this course. ALL HANDGUNS AND MAGAZINES MUST COMPLY WITH NEW JERSEY LAWS.

Registration is open until
04/01/2024 8:00 am

Registration Form

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