Firearm Storage Services at Griffin & Howe

In a world where safeguarding valuables is paramount, Griffin & Howe is able to provide state-of-the-art long and short-term gun storage, preserving your firearms with the same precision and care that has defined Griffin & Howe for over a century.

Discover why entrusting your firearms to us is a decision rooted in both practicality and profound respect for heritage.

  • 1. Unparalleled Security and Protection

Beyond home safes, Griffin & Howe provides a level of security that surpasses conventional measures. Their facilities are equipped with cutting-edge surveillance, access control, and climate regulation systems. This guarantees that your firearms are shielded not only from theft but also from environmental factors that can degrade their condition.

  • 2. Climate-Controlled Environment

Maintaining a stable environment is critical for preserving the integrity of firearms. Griffin & Howe’s storage facilities boast advanced climate control, safeguarding your collection from moisture, temperature fluctuations, and other potential hazards. This level of meticulous care ensures that your firearms remain in pristine condition for generations to come.

  • 3. Compliance and Legal Assurance

Laws surrounding firearm storage vary by region. Griffin & Howe ensures that every firearm stored in their facilities is in full compliance with local regulations. This provides peace of mind, knowing that your collection is legally sound and accessible whenever you need it.

  • 4. Protecting Against Home Incidents

Natural disasters, accidents, or unfortunate events can occur at any time. Storing firearms outside the home safeguards them from unexpected incidents like floods, fires, or break-ins. With Griffin & Howe, your firearms remain sheltered and secure, regardless of what transpires at your residence.

  • 5. Tailored Short-Term Solutions

Griffin & Howe’s short-term storage options are tailored for those who require easy, swift access to their firearms. Whether you’re a dedicated sportsman preparing for the season or a collector in transition, this service provides the convenience of accessibility without compromising on safety.

  • 6. Preserving Value and Heritage

For collectors, every firearm is a piece of history and an investment. Griffin & Howe’s storage solutions are designed to preserve the value and heritage of your collection. Their expert team understands the nuances of firearm preservation, ensuring that each piece retains its intrinsic worth.

Pricing – Short Term Storage

Invoiced on a reoccurring monthly basis, large lockers are $95 per month and small lockers are $55 per month

No background check or permits are required as you retain custody of your firearms.

Pricing – Long Term Storage

Invoiced on a reoccurring yearly basis, the cost is $300 per firearm per year and $7 per $1,000 value of insurance with a $1,000 deductible the customer is responsible for. 

We take possession of your firearms therefore a background check along with all necessary permits are required when you wish to regain possession.


In trusting Griffin & Howe with your firearms, you’re not simply securing possessions; you’re safeguarding a legacy. To find out more about our long and short-term storage options, visit our Storage page.