London, England

London’s Oldest Gunmaker

Established in 1812, Boss & Co has been privately owned since its inception and is focused solely on building the most beautiful, innovative and finely crafted guns. True to its rich heritage, Boss & Co continues to be the world’s ‘Builders of Best Guns Only.’

American Partners Since 1937

Griffin & Howe has proudly represented Boss & Co in the United States since 1937, guiding clients through Boss & Co’s unequaled range of shotgun and rifle styles and finishes.

Our experts will work closely with Boss & Co’s skilled craftsmen at its Kew headquarters to not only create a masterpiece fitted to your exact measurements, but also to your exact desires: round-body, square body, short bead, long bead, double bead, coin-finished, color hardened finish, traditional Boss & Co Rose & Scroll engraving or a bespoke engraving of your choice. Every Boss firearm is hand-crafted to the highest standard and is as distinctive as its owner.

True to Tradition

Though the smallest of London’s ‘Holy Trinity’ in terms of production, Boss & Co is unequaled in quality. Where other gunmakers have branched into lifestyle accessories or fashion, Boss remains singularly focused on hand-crafting the finest and most innovative guns in the world – just as it always has done.

Bespoke Boss Shotguns
1812 Edition

In late 2020, Boss & Co launched the 1812 Edition, the world’s first ambidextrous shotgun. The result of over four years of development, it is Boss & Co’s first ever side-lever over-under shotgun, and the world’s first to include two side-levers in the presentation case. This unique feature allows the gun to be changed and adapted for a left or right-handed shooter.

Boss Single Trigger

Boss & Co is famed for introducing innovations such as the Boss Single Trigger to the gun-making world, many of which have become commonplace. Introduced in 1893 by then-owner John Robertson, the Boss Single Trigger was the first truly reliable single-trigger mechanism and was showcased to the public and press with a special side-by-side-by-side three-barrel shotgun operated from a single trigger.

First and Best British Over-Under

In 1897, Robertson then invented the Boss Hammerless Ejector, which has been in continuous production and virtually unaltered since that day. In 1909, Robertson followed this by inventing the first British over-under, creating a gun that is regularly described as the most beautiful over-under in the world.

Not only did Boss launch a revolution in mechanical design, but also an aesthetic one: there is hardly a best quality over-under built anywhere in the world today that does not in some way pay homage to either Boss’s elegant, stepped forend iron or the action’s shell-like recessed fences.

Best Guns Only

This dedication to beauty and craftsmanship in building ‘best guns only’ has led to Boss & Co becoming known as one of the finest gunmakers in the world. The company’s philosophy is summed up perfectly by a Boss & Co sales brochure from the 1920s that read:

“We would say from the outset that we make only one grade of gun and have never placed a second quality make upon the market. This policy has enabled us to retain the services of the finest workmen in London and to give them continuous employment. The advantages of attending the production of best work only are manifold. There is no opportunity for the work of inferior men to be utilized in the economy of the workshop, which is frequently the case when more than one class of weapon is produced.”

“The owner of a Boss gun has the satisfaction of knowing that he has the best gun that money can buy. The Boss gun has, therefore, always a standard value, whether new or second-hand. Our output is limited strictly according to the amount of first-class labor available.”


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