Peterhead, Scotland

Griffin & Howe is proud to be the exclusive agent for Buchan Guns in the USA. Buchan Guns produce an extremely limited quantity of best guns per year, but all are produced to exceptional levels of quality.

Passionate about creating mechanical masterpieces, the Buchan Guns team boasts some of the world’s most highly skilled craftsmen who have dedicated their lives to the art of gun making.

Designed with Passion

Buchan Guns are designed with passion, and great attention is paid to every detail. All actions and components are machined in-house in its purpose-built Aberdeenshire factory from certified Sheffield steel, and then precisely hand-shaped and sculpted into Buchan Guns’ distinctive styles.

Producing guns of this standing entirely in-house ensures the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship

Modern Manufacturing

All machining of raw billet material is carried out in Buchan’s workshops, where the finished parts are then assembled using traditional techniques. Modern gun-making processes are used to make guns that are reliable, beautifully balanced and meet the demands of today’s shooting, including steel shot.

Over-Under, Sidelock and Round Action Models

Buchan Guns offers an Italian-style trigger-plate over-under, a London-style sidelock, and, with the acquisition of David McKay Brown, a quintessential round action – all hand built in Scotland with distinctly recognizable styles that are the hallmarks of this best gunmaker.

Specialist Sourced

Only the most select wood is chosen for its strength, beauty and color from specialist sources. Buchan’s craftsmen then use traditional age-perfected drying techniques to hand-craft each stock. Customers can choose their preferred color and figuring at the time of order.

Master Engravers

Buchan Guns utilizes the world’s finest master engravers, such as the Italian master Stefano Pedretti. Each gun produced by Buchan is complimented by the stunning and distinguishable house scroll, inspired by spectacular Scottish landscapes.

Customers can also choose engravings of their own preference, and there is no limitation to the embellishment of their arms


When you purchase a firearm from Buchan Guns, it will come with a beautiful leather motor case and accessories, all made entirely in-house.

Buchan Guns Inventory at Griffin & Howe

The Griffin & Howe Showroom offers the Buchan Balmoral 12GA and Buchan Balmoral SLE 28GA shotguns. Our on-site experts can customize these models to suit your tastes and needs.
If you prefer to have your Buchan gun custom-built from start to finish, our team will collaborate with the Buchan gunsmiths to design a firearm of your choosing.


To find out more about what we have to offer or to book a lesson, contact us on 973-398-2670 or email Please note we do not accept walk ins, lessons must be booked in advance. Our dress code is golf attire; no blue jeans or t-shirts please.