Pennsylvania, USA

Griffin & Howe is the longest serving authorized dealer for Cabot Guns. Our relationship with the Pennsylvania-based company began in 2011, only a few months after the company was launched.

Described as the “finest pistol ever produced” by S.P. Fjestad, author of the Blue Book of Gun Values, Cabot guns possess unique quality and intrinsic value. Each Cabot firearm represents an uncompromising commitment to further American excellence in gun design and manufacturing, and every custom Cabot gun produced is a new masterpiece that will only appreciate over time.

Handmade in America

Each Cabot pistol is 100% American made from scratch – right down to the pins, springs and bushings. Sourcing its materials from the USA allows Cabot to maintain the highest ethical standards and practices.

1911 Pistols

Each Cabot 1911 pistol starts from a block of steel where every component is constructed to aerospace tolerances, setting a new standard in precision tolerances not seen before in the gun world. A proprietary manufacturing innovation called Clone Technology™ allows Cabot’s gunsmiths to machine-build the frame and slide more accurately than by hand alone, with tightness less than a human hair.

Cabot is world-renowned for its artisan quality finishes and materials, such as Damascus steel, ancient Mammoth ivory grips harvested from Alaska, and exhibition-grade wood. These stunning features complement the advanced engineering technology to produce beautiful and reliable 1911s

Limited Edition Cabot Pistols

Each limited edition 1911 from Cabot Guns is made by master craftsmen and features unique finishes and rare materials. These exclusive firearms are highly desirable but quantities are strictly limited and sell out almost immediately. If you would like to purchase one of Cabot’s limited edition 1911s, please contact our Griffin & Howe sales team who can negotiate the process for you.

Left Handed Cabot 1911's

For left-handed shooters, The Cabot National Standard South Paw is the industry’s only true left-handed 1911 pistol. Built from the ground up for left-handed shooting, Cabot engineers inverted John Browning’s 1911 design down to the frame, slide, controls and barrel twist. The South Paw model has a left-side ejection port, left-hand thumb safety, left-hand slide stop, and an inverted magazine release.

Made with the same trademark precision manufacturing processes as all Cabot handguns, the South Paw comes with an accuracy guarantee of 1.5″ groupings at 25 yards, straight out of the box

Damascus 1911 Pistols

What makes a Damascus finish so special is the diversity of the metal layers; some offer hardness, while others offer the flexibility that protects hard layers from shattering. The combination of layers and their varied properties make Damascus extremely difficult to work with, but produce truly spectacular results.

Cabot produces a range of Damascus 1911s, some with a Damascus slide and some with a full Damascus finish. Custom builds are also available

One of A Kind 'OAK' Pistols

The Cabot OAK Collection represents the most exclusive bespoke 1911 offerings from Cabot Guns. These are investment-grade models, highly rare and of unprecedented quality, such as the Cabot Moonshot 1911 encrusted with lunar meteorite.

NRA National Pistol Championship

Cabot pistols have been used to win three NRA National Pistol Championships in the discipline of Bullseye over the past decade. Only two civilians have won this title in the history of the competition, and both shot a Cabot pistol. Each handmade 1911 exceeds national match standards right out of the box.


Please contact the Griffin & Howe Showroom to learn more about the exclusive collection of Cabot Guns.