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About Purdey

Purdey has a tradition of gun-making excellence that goes back over two centuries. In 1814, James Purdey founded James Purdey & Sons Ltd on Princes St, London. From there, he changed the course of gun-making history due to his innovation in making single and double guns, rifles and pistols. The company received a Royal Warrant from Her Majesty Queen Victoria in 1878 and has had Royal Warrants from every succeeding British Monarch since.

Today, Purdey & Sons has relocated its gun room to 58 South Audley Street, London W1K, and is considered by many to be the best maker of fine sporting shotguns in the world. Continuing to represent the ‘Best’ London gunmaker, Purdey guns are manufactured by a team of skilled craftsmen who seek nothing less than perfection when shaping, fitting and finishing each part of every firearm. At the same time, Purdey’s continual investment in technical innovations enables the company to ensure the highest levels of accuracy and performance

Handcrafting a Bespoke Purdey

Purdey has made only a little more than 30,000 guns since its inception. Each gun is entirely bespoke, individually numbered and a genuine work of art, requiring over 750 man-hours to complete.

At the company’s Hammersmith factory, 35 master gunsmiths build each gun largely using hand tools, with one craftsman responsible for the barrel, one for the action and another for the stock.

There are seven stages of the build and Purdey keeps you informed during every step. Each detail of your bespoke Purdey is tailored to your preferences, from the wood you select for your stock, to the personalized hand-engraving by Purdey’s master engravers

Purdey Models
The Sidelock Side-by-Side

Built on the famous Beesley action, the Purdey side-by-side game gun has changed little since the 1880s. This side-by-side action was perfected in the 1880s and is one of the oldest styles of guns they produce. This proven shotgun incorporates a unique assisted opening action and remains the classic game gun.

The Sidelock Over-and-Under

The over-under is one of the company’s most popular styles. Lightweight and robust, it performs exceptionally well for both game and clays.

The Damascus Gun

Available in both side-by-side and over-under configurations, Purdey Damascus guns are hand-crafted in their Hammersmith factory using Damasteel steel alloy forged in Sweden. With over a hundred layers creating the distinctive Damascus pattern, these shotguns are both beautiful and extremely strong.

The Sidelock Hammer Ejector

A truly authentic shooting experience, allowing you to experience a classic hammer gun as it would have been in the nineteenth century.

The Purdey Trigger Plate

This over-under was based on a shift in the sporting world towards higher birds and heavier cartridges. Available in both ‘game’ and ‘sporting clay’ versions, the Purdey Trigger Plate is adapted to meet more demanding shooting conditions.

The Purdey Sporter

This second generation Sporter has been redesigned to feature a low-profiled action, non-detachable trigger mechanism, reduced barrel weight and its own rose and scroll engraving pattern.

Purdey Rifles

The Purdey bolt-action rifle features an action built directly into a titanium chassis, which is in turn embedded into a walnut stock, allowing for high stability. Standard models feature a traditionally shaped deluxe grade walnut stock, a London ‘blacked’ barrel and action finish, and a magazine floor plate lid engraved with the Purdey classic fine rose and scroll engraving pattern.

The Purdey sidelock double rifle is built on their patented Beesley action, allowing for fast opening and reloading which is critical for the hunter facing dangerous game. Combined with the graceful Purdey shape and balance, this is one of the finest double rifles in the world.

Clothing, Accessories and More

Purdey offers a range of luxury menswear and womenswear, as well as beautiful handmade bags, luggage and other field accessories. A limited selection of Purdey items are available to purchase at the Griffin & Howe Showroom.

How to Order

As James Purdey & Son’s Premier Representative and Agent for the USA, Griffin & Howe has been assisting American clients with the acquisition of their Purdey shotguns and rifles since 1925. We offer a complimentary consultation service and manage every detail of the ordering process for you.

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