A Proud Partnership

Syren L.L.C. is the first worldwide brand and leader of fine firearms designed exclusively for women. Manufactured in Brescia, Italy, under the Caesar Guerini badge, Syren USA builds over-and-under and semi-automatic shotguns for the lady competitor, huntress and shooting sports enthusiast.

As the only Syren dealer in New Jersey, Griffin & Howe is proud to represent Syren in the USA.

Syren USA

Over the years, many firearm manufacturers have considered making a firearm for women. Most have been halfhearted attempts. Some gun makers simply offered a shortened stock painted a silly color or pushed youth models, while others decided the market was too small to justify the effort.

Syren is a different story. A division of Caesar Guerini and Fabarm, Syren USA has filled a significant market gap by being the only gun manufacturer to offer shotguns designed exclusively for the female shooter, rather than modifying existing products or merely releasing the same firearms with ‘girly’ finishes

Designed by Women for Women

Syren USA introduced its first women’s collection in 2014, coining the phrase “Shotguns for Women – No More Compromises.” Their products are designed by a female management team and pro-staff who understand the needs of lady shooters

What Makes a Syren a Syren

Syren shotguns have a shorter length of pull, a smaller pistol grip and a cast at toe to accommodate the female chest. Overall weight and balance are calibrated to fit women shooters, which helps reduce recoil and allows for easy handling – resulting in an overall comfortable shooting experience.

Highest Quality Standards

All Syren guns are crafted with the same exacting quality standards, high-grade materials and fine craftsmanship that have made Caesar Guerini one the world’s foremost gun makers

Syren Shotguns

Recognizing that women are the most rapidly growing segment in shooting sports, Syren offers seven models: two semi-automatics and five over/unders with variations for sporting and hunting. Griffin & Howe carries the Syren Julia and Syren Elos models.


The Syren Julia Sporting is a competition-grade target gun with an extensive list of features. From high-performance barrels and chokes to a precision-tuned trigger, this model performs equally well for the world-class competitor as for the beginner.

The side plate action elongates the lines of the shotgun for a graceful appearance. The Julia features detailed engraving and the action is completed by a richly case color hardened finish. The stock is crafted from deluxe grade Turkish walnut with a semi-gloss oil finish. It is available in 12 gauge with 30″ barrel, and 12 gauge with 28″ barrel


The Syren Elos is at home in the field as it is on the sporting clays course. Its trim action and sleek lines enhance its fast-pointing characteristics, while its light weight makes it easy to carry. A perfectly balanced combination of features allows the Syren Elos to excel as an all-around shotgun. The action depicts elegant scrollwork with upland birds in gold against a richly case colored finish. The stock dimensions have been tailored specifically for the female hunter and shooter. It is available in 20 and 28 gauge, both with 28″ barrel.


The Syren Tempio Sporting was created to be the perfect target shotgun for everyone from beginners up to the top echelon of competitors. To make the gun handle and balance well, we have incorporated a lightweight set of barrels. By keeping extra weight out of the muzzle end of the gun, the balance is evenly distributed between the hands making the gun easier to handle.

The Tempio design is both traditional and elegant, with hand-polished deluxe grade Turkish walnut with an oil finish, and an action featuring a classic scroll and bouquet engraving pattern embellished with gold accents.


The Elevate model allows the shooter to adjust all critical specifications, and easily fine-tune the gun to your personal shooting style. Customizable options include the stock fit, trigger system, recoil characteristics, point-of-impact, and overall weight and balance.

The Elevate is designed to encourage an upright shooting stance, reducing felt recoil and allowing for a more comfortable mount, resulting in less strain on your neck and shoulders. The Quick Release Rib system gives you the ability to swap ribs for various shooting configurations, so you can compete across the multiple disciplines of Trap, Skeet and Sporting Clays.


The L4S semi-automatic target shotgun is ideal for those looking for low recoil without the weight of an over-under style shotgun. With a shorter and trimmer forend to reduce weight and improve balance, and a gas operating system that significantly reduces recoil, the L4S is easy to handle and shoot. All controls such as the bolt release, safety and bolt handle are designed to be oversized for easy use

XLR5 Waterfowler

The Syren XLR5 Waterfowler was designed to allow for smooth mounting and easy handling in the boat or duck blind. With a reduced weight of 7 lbs 1 oz, the XLR5 is easy to carry and balance properly. The gas operating system takes away the punishing recoil from modern high-performance waterfowl ammunition by bleeding off pressure as the gun cycles.


Please contact the Griffin & Howe Showroom to inquire about our selection of Syren shotguns.